Saturday, 12 July 2014

Hurricanes & Dinner Dates

Before I launch into 1000 excuses about why I have failed so miserably at "Blogging Every Day in July" let me tell you about my week. 

This past session started off with a hurricane warning. So the day before the campers arrived the director and myself made an emergency trip to town to buy more rope/tarps/bungee cords to secure stuff down plus enough lanterns for each of the cabins to have one incase we lost power. While we were in town the counsellors back at camp filled all the bathtubs with water and took everything outside inside. You really don't realize just how many projectiles you have around until you're preparing for 100 km winds. 

Camper Drop Off was more chaotic than usual since a dozen or so campers decided to come the next day rather than drive in a hurricane to get to camp. Luckily the winds didn't really pick up until later on in the afternoon after the majority of the campers had arrived. I say luckily because this meant the counsellors were able to entertain the campers while the director & I dealt with the hurricane. 

At one point "dealing with the hurricane" meant standing on the start of our dock with a walkie-talkie watching for it to break loose while we waited for the maintenance guy to come over to do a quick repair job because the waves and wind were hitting at just the right angle to jiggle the bolts holding the dock together loose.  We weren't super worried about the dock because that's easy enough to replace…what we were concerned about was that attached to the dock is our boat so if the end of the dock was going to break lose and float away the boat was going along for the ride. 

The rest of the week followed suit and I don't think I've ever been happier for a Day 7 to come along so I can get my life in order again. Including getting back to blogging. 

The prompt for today is Five People (Dead or Alive) I would like to have dinner with. 

  1.  Ellen DeGeneres: Not only is she hilarious but she has so much compassion for other people. I'd love to hang out with her for a few hours and listen to her talk. 
  2. Shane Claiborne: This guy fascinates me. If you haven't heard about him before you need to google him right away. I love how passionate his is about his faith and how how intentional he is about doing what HE feels called to do even if it goes against the mainstream church. I'd love to share a meal with him and have some seriously deep discussion. 
  3. Laura Ingalls Wilder: I will always love Little House on the Prairie. I have read the books thousands of times and I never get tired of the stories. I would love to meet her in person and hear her stories directly from her with added details and insight. 
  4. Kelly Stamps: I don't think there are too many bloggers out there who aren't at least semi-familar with Kelly's blog Kelly's Korner, it's one of the first blogs I really started reading on a regular basis. I just think she is the sweetest and although she's perhaps a little more conservative than I am I would love to sit down with her and listen to her talk about her faith. She just seems like such a genuinely nice person who really desires to use her talents and gifts to make a difference.
  5. Taylor Swift: This is my fun pick. T-Swift would probably be okay with just grabbing some fast food and eating it while laughing and giggling about life. And then we'd bake cookies for dessert and everything would be fun and sparkly. 

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  1. I would LOVE to sit down with Ellen. She seems like she would be a blast to have a conversation with.