Tuesday, 31 March 2015

April Goals

My goals for April are very short and simple. For the first time in my life I have some legitimate time away from work that won't be spent job hunting. I'm going on a vacation and at no point will I be expected to babysit kids. April is all about enjoying this pause in life before camp season starts and things get crazy. 

J. will be doing some golfing on our trip during which time I will happily sit beside the pool and read. I have three books (you can see them here) chosen for vacation reading and I'm sure that I can find time to read another over the course of the month. 

After months of neglecting my camera a couple of weekends ago I was reminded how much I enjoy photography. Documenting life through photos is going to be a high priority this month. Obviously there will be lots of vacation photos but I also want to spend time documenting the every day stuff. 

Doodling, journalling, scribbling, typing. There are a lot of words in my head and I want them to be on paper. So I'm going to keep carving out time to make that happen. Last month my goal was to "put pen to paper for 10 minutes each day". I didn't do it every day, but every day I did do it I spent much more than 10 minutes letting my creativity and thoughts flow. Which to me is a clear indicator that it really is something I enjoy. Once I start I don't want to stop it's the act of getting started that is the hardest. So I'm going to keep being intentional and eventually it will become a daily habit again. 

I don't think I've done any major changes to the "About Me" section on my blog since I started blogging three years ago. It is begging to be spruced up and updated. This goal may not get accomplished until April 30, but it's something I will do this month.

Camp is just around the corner, there are a million things I could be doing to prepare...the reality is my contract doesn't start until May 17, which means I'm not getting paid until May 17. I refuse to let myself be consumed by the pre-camp to do list and let myself get burnt out before I'm even on camp property. There are a few camp related projects I will probably work on, but they're things I enjoy. Making welcome bags for the staff, decorating 'warm fuzzy' envelopes, nothing that is going to cause me any sort of stress. And if they don't get done, they don't get done. I will not feel guilty about it. I may have to keep reminding myself not to feel guilty about taking some real time off from work, but that's okay. 

What are your April goals? I hope spring is happening where you are...we're currently getting 15 cm of snow...that's a post for another day. 

Monday, 30 March 2015

March Goals Revisited

I have no idea where March went. For a month with 31 days, multiple snow storms and working a lot of weekend over time it flew by! Which means it's time to revisit my March Goals and see how I fared. (Spoiler Alert: Not well)

Stars = In progress
Squiggly Line = Accomplished
Blank = Nope.

10 minutes of pen & paper... I didn't do this every day, but I definitely got out my sketch book, notebook, pens & paper more often than I have been. I think on average I intentionally put pen to paper 2-3 times a week. The good news is every time I did it was much longer than 10 minutes. Still something I'm going to work on because I would like to make this a daily habit.

Do yoga once a week... The closest I got to this was stretching first thing in the morning when I got out of bed. Far from formal yoga. 

Read 2 books... I'm a little ashamed to say I didn't even pick up a book this month. I have three that I'm saving for my trip but I also have a stack hanging out on my to read table. This goal is going to get taken a lot more seriously once my work contract is over. 

Start trip preparations... This is a clear win! I got travel assurance, approved for a credit card so that I won't have to carry a ton of cash and picked up a few things like sunglasses, a new bathing suit and a comfy but cute plane outfit!

Get enough sleep... Nope. I did not get enough sleep. 

Eliminate 2 bags of clutter...  I totally emptied my closet last weekend and forced myself to try everything on and the only things that went back into my closet are clothes that I liked, fit me well and I could see myself wearing at some sort of event. It was so helpful! I didn't follow the "Toss it if you haven't worn it in 3 months" rule because I have some dresses in my closet that I haven't worn in over a year, but they still fit and would be appropriate to wear to a wedding or something like that so I kept them. The dress that was really a size too big got tossed even though I wore it last month. I did the same thing with all of my dressers and decluttered a lot of clothing. Next up is to go through my desk and scrapbooking supplies. Anything that I'm not using and can't see myself using will get taken to camp for the office or arts & crafts room. 

Update planner daily... Again, I didn't do this every day. I also didn't just do it on Sundays either. It was more of a twice weekly thing. I definitely want to keep improving on this. 

Follow meal plans... An improvement over constantly scrambling to grab things to eat at work while I'm on the way out the door. Still not as diligent and organized as I want, but most days I knew what I was taking with me and had everything packed first thing in the morning. 

Overall I made progress, which I think is really important with goals. It's hard for me as a perfectionist not to accomplish everything exactly as I envisioned it but the reality is it takes time to get into new habits and modify goals so that they fit my lifestyle. Check back tomorrow when I share my April Goals! 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Five Friday Favourites

I've never watched a single second of any show that beings with the words "Real Housewives". And I've also never watched more than 5 minutes of any given Bachelor/Bachelorette season. I love reality TV but that particular brand of reality TV just doesn't interest me.

Except that I started watching Hockey Wives and those ladies are a combination of hot messes, entitled brats and really down to earth moms who are trying their best to raise their kids admit a lot of job uncertainty and constant moving. It's got me hooked and I'm not saying is high quality educational TV, but I think it's worth a watch. 

Tuesday I was a mess. I was not having a good day and was feeling totally overwhelmed. The city decided somewhat last minute that they were closing the streets for parking so they could do snow clearing, which meant that in the middle of work I had to scramble to find a parking spot, which makes me feel ridiculous anxious and stressed. The last thing I needed that day was to get my car towed. In the end J. saved the day and moved my car to a safe location. He also earned some major boyfriend points when I went out to my car after work I discovered he left a slice of pizza on the seat of my car. I'm not promoting eating ones feelings, but sometimes a girl just needs a slice of pizza after a long day. Definitely a favourite moment of the week.

Yesterday, it rained. I'm talking full on water droplets falling from the sky making puddles rain. This made me happy for two reasons the most obvious just being that I love rainy days. The second is that rain means the temperature was above 0 for the first time in months. It was warm enough for water to fall from the sky without freezing! Rumour has it we might see +5 degrees this weekend! Which at this point is tropical. Spring might actually be on it's way!

Watermelon Lemonade candles from Bath & Body works make me feel like summer is a little closer. Around here we don't have much of a spring, odds are good there will still be snow on the ground in May. It's way too early to open all the windows and enjoy a spring breeze so I'm settling for lighting this candle and imaging summer. 

Writing. One of my March Goals was to write more often, flexing my creative muscle if you will. I've discovered it's about finding opportunities to be creative. Doodling and embellishing my to do lists, or when I'm on the phone. I've also had the chance to really sit down and write and I'm still not exactly where I want to be but it's a goal I'm going to continue working on because writing is my favourite!


Monday, 23 March 2015

Spring Weekend

I got a new lens for Christmas but between work and weather I really haven't had a chance to put it to use. Saturday was the first full day of spring, but you'd never guess it was March based on the photos. Everything is covered in snow and the sky was grey never the less it felt good to spend the day outside.

I found it interesting that this sea gull was so inclined to sit on top of the pile of snow and ice rather than the rocks. I took it to mean seagulls don't get cold feet? 

I don't like snow. There is something kind of magical about foot (or paw) prints in fresh snow.

I'm not sure what kind of birds these are, ones that don't mind cold ocean water. I really appreciated that they organized themselves in a pattern. And then I thought maybe they were out on a double date. And then I decided I should stop thinking about the courting rituals of birds.

Last year around this time I went through a phase where I was really big on the colour purple. This year I have similar feelings towards orange. The orange bouys against the white snow made me pretty happy. 

I took a lot more photos of my grandfather's boat and more identifying scenery that I'm not willing to post online, when all was said and done I snapped close to 200 photos. It served as a great reminder how much I enjoy taking photos. And it's a hobby I need to make more time for on a regular basis. 

My goal for the week is to take more photos, follow some prompts on instagram, experiment with some tutorials on Pinterest and exercise some old fashion trail and error. 

Linking up here & here!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Stuff & Things

I could go on for a long time about the snow situation here in my neck of the woods. Over three days mother nature dumped 125 cm of snow. (That's about 50 inches for you Americans). Except that I am totally and completely exhausted by the snow and would prefer if I could burry under blankets and not move from the house until next month when it's time to board a plane for a more welcoming climate.

There are 20 working days left between now and the end of my contract. I've really enjoyed working there for the last 6 months but I'm ready to be done. The biggest contributing factors to my doneness are the crazy hours, winter driving and a few co-workers that really grate at my nerves.

I discovered recently that it really bothers me when people don't show appreciation. Whether it be a simple thank you or acknowledgment of hard work or not complaining about the things they have when people aren't appreciative it bugs me. The flip side to that is it's made me more intentional about showing appreciation towards others.

I'm eagerly awaiting the official link up to share the full package Elizabeth sent me but I need to share  that one of the things she sent was "Peanut Butter Monster Trail Mix" and it is the most amazing and delicious trail mix I have ever eaten. J. & I are both obsessed with it and can't wait to get more next month when we're on vacation. (It's not available in Canada)

I have an almost overwhelming sense of nervousness towards camp this summer. There are some big changes happening that both directly and indirectly affect my job, the entire staff dynamic and a lot of other things. I'm doing my very best to prepare myself and focus on doing my job without letting my own insecurities and staff drama come into play but it's hard. 

March is half way over and I'm making slow progress on my March Goals. Progress is happening though and I think part of goal setting is identifying areas of improvement, not feeling bad/guilty/ashamed that I didn't do exactly as I said I would. 

I have really enjoyed being on top of blogging this week. Not everything has been perfectly preplanned and organized but having an idea of what I'm going to write about, where I'm going to link up and what I need to do each day has been wonderful. Plus, it has given me more time to visit other blogs and ensure blogging is a hobby I enjoy and not a chore. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My Kinda People

The other day I was chatting with a co-worker who I don't interact with a whole lot and after the conversation I mentioned to a friend that "I wish I got to talk to co-worker #1 more because they seem like my kind of person.". Almost immediately my friend gave me a confused look and inquired what exactly I meant by "my kind of person". 

After much deliberation I determined that "my kind of person" is...

Someone who has long term goals and is working towards achieve them.
Someone who is kind towards others.
Someone who can form their own opinions on everything from nail polish or politics.
Someone who has their own opinions and respects others' opinions.
Someone who likes to eat snacks. 
Someone who isn't afraid to admit they still call their mom for advice.
Someone who strives to make the world a better place.
Someone who has a sense of faith.
Someone who isn't consumed by pop culture, but doesn't live under a rock either.
Someone who is hard working and not scared to get their hands dirty.
Someone who appreciates a quiet moment.
Someone who enjoys a good dance party.
Someone whose life doesn't revolve around drinking & partying.
Someone who has a sense of humour.
Someone who is non-judgemental.
Someone who is passionate about the things they love.
Someone who is supportive.

Now, I'm not saying that all of my friends and acquaintances fit into one box. They definitley do not. At the same time I do gravitate towards people who have similar interests and values and shared life experiences (I'm pretty sure that's human nature). You might notice that a lot of my 'requirements' are vague. Which was intentional. "Making the world a better place" can be done in so many different ways. I have friends who are occupational therapists, teachers and nurses who get paid to help. I also have friends that work in more corporate environments and donate money and others who volunteer a few hours a month. I'm a big believer in the idea people serve/give in different ways (that's probably a post for a different day).

What kind of people do you surround yourself with? 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tuesday Talk: Bookshelf Edition

I've always been a reader. You can read about some of my favourite books in this post and there have been a lot of other mentions about my favourite books over the lifespan of this blog. 

Once my contract is over for work I'm planning on doing some serious reading. So it seems fitting to do another post about what books I've got waiting on my bookshelf. I'm especially looking forward to reading in the sunshine while J. & I are on vacation next month. So far I have three books that I will definitely be packing but I'd like to add a fourth. I'm a pretty fast reader and J. is planning on playing a few rounds of golf which will be guaranteed reading time. I'd rather have one extra than one too few!

First up is The Fringe Hours.

I have really high expectations for this book. I first heard about it in blogland and I've read multiple reviews that really sing it's praises. With summer approaching and camp life looming making time for me is something I desperately need to improve on this year. I'm hoping that this book will really inspire me to make me time a priority. 

Second is Wonder courtsey of the lovely Elizabeth over at This Savvy Life

Elizabeth sent me this book as part of the Galentine's Day Swap I participated in through The Blogging Elite and I'm looking forward to having a lighter but not too light of a read after I finish The Fringe Hours. I love young adult books like this one that are pre-teen/teen friendly and have a really good message. I'm so excited to read this that it just might get bumped into first place ahead of The Fringe Hours!

Lastly (for now) is Kin. 

I adore Lesley Crewe's books and this one has a lot of really positive reviews. I'm anticipating the other two books leaving me with lots to think about long after the last page is turned. With this one I know I'll love it, but when it's over, it's over. It might be a book that I re-read a few times but I'm not anticipating it to leave a deep lasting impact.

I'd love to add a few more books to my must reads list. What books have you been talking about lately? 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Snacks & Snow Storms

Lately it seems like my weekends revolve around snacking and storms. This one was no different.

J. invested in new pots and pans so I throughly enjoyed showing on my domestic skills Saturday evening and Sunday morning while christening a few of his new pots. Saturday night I made us chicken parmesan. Which was pretty tasty, but would have been tastier with regular pasta noodles opposed to the whole wheat/whole grain ones that J. had bought. There's no photographic evidence of this meal because neither of had eaten all day so by the time supper was ready there was no time for pictures just eating. Sunday morning we woke up to what appeared to be a meteorological miracle, only 5-10 cm of snow had fallen opposed to the 30-45 cm that was predicted.

We were mistaken. By the time I made pancakes (side note: does anyone else struggle to make perfect pancakes that are cooked all the way through and not burned??) & bacon for a late breakfast it was clear what we had witnessed earlier was just the beginning of the storm. It didn't look so bad outside so J. determined it was safe enough to drive me home. I live "out in the country" about half an hour away...let's just say that there was a lot more blowing snow and drifting near my house than there was near his and I was really glad when he texted to tell me he made it back to his house. It was also a good thing he took me home when he did because the storm really did keep getting worse and the high winds lasted all night so there's no way I would have gotten home if we hadn't of left when we did.

I spent the afternoon watching the storm outside and making one of my favourite meals. I am definitely not a big sandwich person, but I discovered a delicious combination of things a while back and it's so tasty that it doesn't even matter that it's very sandwich-y. Chicken breast with cajun seasoning, red onion, cheddar cheese, some mixed greens and spicy chipotle dipping sauce all on a ciabatta roll. My mouth might be watering just thinking/typing about it. I made a small portion of homemade fries to go along side it and it was a very satisfying snow day supper.

The snow was still coming down steadily and the wind picked up again making for a very messy Sunday evening. I've reached the point where not only am I tired of all the snow and cold, I'm also tired of complaining about the weather. I just want to see some dirt/pavement in my life rather than snow and ice. 

The bight side of it all is I made a blogger leap and installed Disqus! I'm hoping that I did it correctly and it's fully functional. I was getting really frustrated with no-reply bloggers and glitches resulting in people's comments being erased once they press publish. I was also able to plan out some posts for this week so check back tomorrow to see what's on my reading list!

I'm linking up here to share my weekend!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Confession Session

I consider myself to be a 'soda snob' if I'm going to drink an unhealthy carbonated beverage it needs to be Coke or Pepsi. I won't waste the indulgence/calories on no name store band pop. On the flip side of that I think store brand potato chips are far superior to any of the big brand names.

If I see a preview for a blog post and I can tell that the post is about trying to sell me something, a lengthy list of things I'm doing wrong as a blogger or a bunch of photos of someone posing in the same outfit without any context I don't bother to read. 

When clothes get a little hole in them or a stain I don't throw them out, I save them to wear at camp. Because camp clothes need to be clothes that you don't mind getting dirty/possibly ruined. One day last week I was getting ready for work, grabbed a pair of leggings to wear and neglected to notice/remember they were 'camp leggings'. I spent the whole day at work trying to bunch the leggings/have my sweater dress down far enough so that nobody noticed the hole in my pants. Lesson learned.

The other day I bought a new bathing suit for my trip and then I proceeded to go to A&W and eat a Teen Burger for lunch. I have no shame, or any real regrets. 

I've been rewatching Full House on Netflix and I was blown away when I discovered Jesse was only 25/26 in the first few seasons of that show. He always seemed like such a grown up! But I'm 25 and I do not feel like a grown up 75% of the time.

My co-workers have started listening to the radio at work. It's the most pop music I've listened to in years and it's slowly killing my soul. 

I'm so excited for my trip that I want to start packing like now. Except that it's still 37 days away and it seems a little too soon. 

That's all I've got for today. I'm linking up my confessions with Melissa and so should you!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Low Key Weekending

This weekend seemed to revolve around eating and sleeping. Which I really have no complaints about.

Saturday I worked over time from 8:00-4:00. I was exhausted and a little annoyed that because another co-worker changed their plans at the last minute I didn't get to do the work I had planned to finish. I did treat myself to coffee and a salted caramel donut though so all was not lost. Plus, J. brought me a coffee earlier in the day and I finally won on my roll up the rim! I don't buy coffee every day. It's more of a once a week treat, so I don't feel as entitled to win as the folks who buy multiple coffees a day. It's still nice to win a bonus coffee though. 

(Please excuse the wacky photo edit in the corner. I realized there were files peeking out of a shelf and I'd rather publish a strange looking photo than risk any sort of break in client confidentiality.)

After work I headed to J.'s parents for supper. We had BBQ steak, baked potato, mushrooms and corn and it was delicious. I visited for about an hour after supper and then went home where I promptly showered and got ready for bed. I ended up watching the first three episodes of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

I LOVE Tina Fey. The verdict is still out on how I feel about this show though. I'm trying not to compare it to 30 Rock, but it's hard. The show is sort of growing on me and I'll definitely finish the first season. I'm not sure that I'll ever love it as much as 30 Rock though, mainly because I don't find Kimmy easy to relate to whereas Liz Lemon was/is my spirit animal. Has anyone else watched the show? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Sunday I turned down overtime because I definitely needed a day off. I let myself sleep in a little got up and did some light spring cleaning and then, because I could, I crawled back into my bed and took a Sunday afternoon nap. J. & I had dinner with my parents Sunday night he visited for a bit and went home earlier than usual because I had a long over due Skype date with H. & R.. Our schedules have all been crazy lately and three different time zones makes the crazy schedules even crazier so it's been almost a month since the three of us were able to designate the same free evening for Skype. We talk everyday via group message but there's just somethings that need to be discussed aloud. 

I'm in the earliest time zone so by the time we were done Skype it was past my bedtime. I definitely didn't do anything super exciting or unique this weekend but the focus was definitely on family & friends which are always important.

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Sunday, 8 March 2015

March Currently

Making: Lots of lists! 
Cooking: Work is still interfering with a lot of cooking time, but I did get to make some mac & cheese and I did some experimenting with chicken alfredo pizza. 
Eating: I've been eating a lot of pasta lately. It's been so cold out that a belly full of hot pasta is exactly what I want. 
Drinking:  Still doing good getting my daily water in take. I've also been drinking a lot of chai tea, my daily cup of coffee and the occasional pop. 
Reading: Just blogs. I am looking for some recommendations though! I'm going to have lots of time to read while on vacation this month so I'm definitely packing some books. So far The Fringe Hours is my #1 reading priority but I'd love to hear your suggestions!
Wishing: The snow would hurry up and melt! It's been -25 here all week and I'm ready for sunshine & warmth!
Appreciating: Having a steady, well paying job. 
Waiting: To start packing for my trip!  
Enjoying: Sunday nights with J. watching Friends. Is there any better way to relax after working 7 days straight and preparing to work another 6 in a row?
Wondering: When I'm going to find time to get a hair cut and go to the mall to pick up a few things. 
Loving: Anything that involves the words "sea salt & caramel".
Hoping: The next 6 weeks will go by quickly!
Needing: I need to get a hair cut, buy a new pair of TOMS, clean my room, do laundry...I need to tackle some things on my to do list.
Smelling: Coffee. 
Wearing: Leggings, sweaters and Uggs. I can't wait to wear shoes that aren't my Uggs. The weather lately is making that totally impossible though. 
Following: Up with things! Checking in with someone once is good, checking in again is better. 
Noticing: The days are getting a little longer and the sky is a little less grey and a little more blue!
Knowing: Winter will end. (Just not soon enough.)
Thinking: The above balance is going to be hard to reach. 
Feeling Anxious About: I'm nervous about my trip. It's the biggest one I've ever gone on and although I'm really excited, there are also a lot of aspects that I find myself worrying about. 
Watching: I've been watching Full House on Netflix. I plan to watch the new season of Survivor and catch up with The Middle & Criminal Minds at some point this month. 
Listening to: Right the very second 'Oprah: Where Are They Now" but in general I've been listening to the radio a lot. 
Obsessing: My love for sea salt & carmel grows by the day. 
Celebrating: March is my grandfather's birthday! 
Shopping for: TOMS, flip flops, maybe another bathing suit.  
Learning: A lot about myself and the things I need!
Talking About: Still a lot of camp related stuff. Plus vacation plans. 
Praying: Balance. I just ordered The Fringe Hours and can't wait for it to get here. Before camp happens I need to get better at balancing me time and social time and work time.
Working on: Being more aware, choosing my words wisely, crossing things off to do lists...
Looking forward to: My trip! 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Totally Awesome

We got another 10 cm of snow last night and are forecasted to get another 10-15 cm tomorrow night. It's time to forget about the cold and celebrate some awesome things happening right now. Join Rebekah  and Anne and share what's awesome in your life!

Salted Carmel. I don't know who I have to thank for this trend but they are an awesome person. I recently discovered Lindt Sea Salt & Carmel Dark chocolate bars and no other chocolate bar will ever be the same. And Tim Horton's has Salted Carmel donuts right now, so yummy. Rumour has it they have salted carmel Timbits too, but I haven't tried those yet. I've always been a salty over sweet type of gal and this salt trend is right up my alley. I hope it continues for a very long time.

J. is not the inventor of salted carmel (in fact he thinks the concept is weird and not at all delicious), but he is still a seriously awesome person. He gives me butterflies and makes me feel the best combination of feelings. I'm so excited to go on our first vacation together! Only 45 days until sunshine, sand and adventure!

These Julia Child quotes/philosophies on life & cooking. Someday when I have my own kitchen I want these quotes displayed somewhere where they are always in my eye sight.

(What would be even more awesome is if I could find the original source and get my hands on these. I think they might have been a limited edition print though and are long out of stock.) 

Sundays. Specifically Sunday evenings. Lately my Sundays have involved planning for the week ahead, enjoying supper with the family and cuddling with J. while we watch Friends. It's the most awesome way to start the week.

Coffee. This needs no further explanation. Coffee is awesome. Always. 

Spring rain is on it's way! I hate snow but I love rain. I can't wait for spring rain to wash away the snow and give me a reason to wear my rain boots!

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I've been feeling sort of run down lately, tired and overwhelmed a little more anxious than usual. Spring is just around the corner though. A new season, new camp year, time to step back and evaluate some long term goals. Knowing all that is on the horizon is an awesome feeling.

I've recently become borderline obsessed looking at home decor for mudrooms/porches and kitchens. I'm not sure why this interest has developed, but I have an ever growing love for browsing Pinterest searching for ways to make kitchens feel warm, welcoming and homing. And how to organize mudrooms and still keep them functional. 

Having time to cook. I love cooking and with my crazy work schedule I don't have time to cook and prepare food the way I used to. My cooking is limited to prep work on the weekend and quick meals during the week. I can't wait to get back to making real suppers and cooking the family!

The number ten spot is reserved for all of the awesomeness that is hoodies, jogging pants, comfort, relaxation, reflection and blogging.

Happy Tuesday Friends! What's awesome in your life today?

Monday, 2 March 2015

March Goals 2015

I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions. Or January goals. Or February goals. It's a trend I'm breaking for March. Time to be intentional about getting some things done and making myself make time for things I've been letting slide. 

Here's what I'm doing in March.

10 minutes of pen & paper... It doesn't matter if I journal about my day, write a poem, doodle hearts & stars, re-write the same word over and over and over again. I need to physically engage in being creative without technology. I love blogging, photography and all of that stuff but there is something extra healing about old fashion pen and paper. And I'm going to make it happen for at least 10 minutes each day.

Do yoga once a week... I'm not going to set myself up to fail and say I'm going to do this every day. I know I can throw on a yoga video at least once a week this month and give my muscles a good stretch.

Read 2 books... This is self-explanatory. By the end of the month I want to have two books started and completed.

Start trip preparations... Flights are all booked and accommodations are secured. All that's left is the fun part! Deciding what attractions to visit (and not visit). I get to make a packing list! Shop for a few warm weather necessities, get a hair cut...lots of fun preparations!

Get enough sleep... I've been working non stop. It's a make hay while the sun shines situation because once my contract ends in April I won't have the option of working over time, at the same time there's only so many hours in a day. Some of those hours need to be for sleep. I haven't been doing a great job of that lately but it's something that's going to change.

Eliminate 2 bags of clutter... I have a lot of "stuff". Clothes, hairbands, knickknacks, coffee mugs, shoes...and you know what, I don't need it (or in some cases use it), so I'm getting rid of some things. Our church has a flea market in the summer but I won't be around then so now is a good time to round up some donations. And make my drawers/closet a little easier to close.

Update planner daily... I always spend Sunday night updating my planner for the week, but I'm not great at adding to it during the week. I'll look at it but I don't necessarily update it, instead I'll wait until Sunday. Which is silly and I have no idea how I developed such a habit. Starting this month though it's going to be a part of daily life.

Follow meal plans...To be clear, I'm not embarking on any sort of Whole30, vegan, gluten-free, no salt, only eat foods that start with M diet plan. That's not the way I believe in eating. I do eat better when I plan out my meals in terms of knowing what I'm going to take to eat at work each day and prepare things in advance.

What are your goals for March?  I'm joining the #friendswithgoals link up to share my goals this months and see what other belongings are aiming to accomplish!