Sunday, 6 August 2017

August Life 2017

Personal Life// I spent the month of July house/pet sitting and it was a really good break. It helped me shake off some of the post-camp life sadness and refocus on the things I should be focusing on. I am forever thankful for H. & R. who continue to help me navigate life, especially lately when sometimes that just looks like Skyping with me while I mumble about life. 

Hobbies// Having a whole house to myself instead of my small apartment meant that I spent a whole weekend surrounded my Project Life supplies and playing catch up. I'm still really far behind in terms of finished pages but I have photos printed until mid-June and have finished until the middle of March so things aren't as bleak as they once were. I am going to try to dedicate one weekend a month to catching up and hopefully by the end of the year I'll be up to date. I had my camera out more frequently in July and that also made me happy. 

Career// There were times this month when I felt really good about life. And then there was the week I spent mostly in tears because I can't believe I walked away from camp. I've been an emotional mess in this arena lately and it probably is going to stay like that for a little while longer. 

Spirituality// I've been doing a lot of research on Bible Journalling and am thinking about jumping on board that trend. I've always doodled and made notes in the margins of my Bible but I like the idea of taking it up a notch. The biggest hurdle is that I can't seem to find a n affordable Journalling Bible. I'd like one that has designated columns for journalling but I don't want to spend $100 on one. Suggestions? 

Health// Having a dog around made it so much easier to go for evening walks. And the warm weather always makes it easier to drink more water since I always have my water bottle with me. The eating breakfast trend lasted about two weeks before I returned to 

Goals// I still keep telling myself that this is the month I start blogging again. And then the month goes by and the opportunity is gone. There is a lot  of things I miss about blogging though and I think that once fall comes I'll be able to start figuring out some new routines that include more time for blogland.