Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday Social #117

What is one thing you hate doing?

The first thing that came to mind is vacuuming, I avoid that like the plague. 

What is one thing you hate shopping for?

Jeans! I'm barely 5 feet tall and my legs are so short that jeans shopping is crazy impossible. I end up very frustrated and the best case scenario is I walk away with jeans that I still need to have hemmed before I can wear them. It's a never-ending and exceptionally frustration experience. 

What is one thing you love doing?

I really love taking pictures. It's a fairly new interest but playing with my camera makes me happy.

What is one place you love going?

What is your favourite thing to do that you do daily?
I really enjoy my routine of coffee & blog reading in the morning. It' doesn't happen every single day but I try to make it happen most days. In the summer when morning coffee happens over a two hour period in between organizing schedules and whatever else comes up I miss starting my day on a calm note. 

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Hello, Friday!

1.  Camp is really only 95% over. The campers left and the counsellors are gone, even myself self and the director have gone home but there are still things to do. The director and myself are heading back up on Tuesday for the week to finish shutting down (defrosting the fridge/freezer, packing away linens, doing inventory etc.) It's left me in a weird mood though, I've started reflecting on the summer but it's really not quite over yet and there's still more that could happen. And I'm sort of re-entering the real world, but again next week I'll be back to jogging pants, rubber boots and tie-dye as acceptable work attire. 


I came across this quote a few days ago and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. I'm so guilty of letting myself get overwhelmed in situations or with people and details that I forget about the beginning.  More often than not the reason I start something is because I want to, because it's something I love, for someone I love and I chose to be there. But I forget, I focus so much on treading water that I forget how much I love to swim. I need to remember how much I love to swim. 

I don't think I've mentioned it this summer because there's been so many other things to mention but H. & R. & I now live in three different provinces, three different time zones and thousands and thousands of kilometres apart. And it sucks. We've always lived apart but we still managed to see each other every couple of months. It required a lot of travelling but it was doable and we made it work. Plane tickets aren't cheap and it's a lot harder to coordinate days off which means I can't say with any amount of certainty when the next time is that we'll all be together. The good news is there are group iMessages and Skype and FaceTime and lots of other ways to stay connected.

4. I need to go get groceries this afternoon and I'm currently trying to plan my route so that not only can I go to the two grocery stores where things are on sale but I can also swing by Michael's to use a 50% off coupon and make a pit stop at Subway to satisfy a craving I've been feeling for two weeks now. 

5. Getting back into blogging is high on my priority list. I had the best intentions of reading though all of the 500+ unread posts on my Bloglovin' feed but I just couldn't. I figure it's best to start fresh. So I cannot wait to catch up with everyone's summer adventures and start posting here on a regular basis once again. And to kickstart my return to blogging I signed up to participate in a Journal Swap hosted by Lisa & Nancy and I am super excited about it!

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

What Happens Next

If I could go back and start at the beginning all over again I'd do a few things different. 

I would have done a better job communicating and spent more time writing and communicating with myself so I could express my thoughts and feelings to others. 

I would have focused on the big picture and reminded myself that 10 years from now I won't remember the minor details that I found so annoying in the moment.

I would have drank more water and less coffee.

The thing is my contract is ending this month and I may not get the change to do things over again. I wrote about my loyalty to my current camp last year and I still feel a lot of the same feelings I did back then. The difference is I realize that I can't stay with a place/at a job forever where there's no opportunity for it to become full-time. I'm not really sure where that leaves me though.

Once again I find myself staring into the future and only seeing a giant question mark. And I'm trying really hard not to let that giant question mark make me overly anxious. 

Instead I'm focusing on making the last couple of weeks in this job good ones and trusting that something great is just around the corner. I should know by now that things happen when they're supposed to happen and it's often at the last minute. 

"I will put my rainbow in the clouds to be a sign of my promise to the earth."
- Genesis 9:13

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Into August


I can not believe that this summer is basically over. 

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of tears & laughter mixed fuelled by extreme chaos and moments when you are positively certain your life must be a TV show. For example, one morning last week I found myself digging through the camp dumpster in search of a spoon that had accidentally been thrown out. A lot of our campers bring their own equipment that has been adapted to help give them independence. This particular spoon belonged to a camper who without her adapted spoon isn't able to feed herself. After tearing the kitchen and dining area apart (including the dishwasher) it was determined that the only place for it to be was in the dumpster. Luckily we found it in garbage bag #7. Not only is it lucky because the camper got her spoon back but also lucky because we didn't have to dig through the other 10 bags that were sitting in the dumpster.

In all honesty the dumpster moments are the easy moments. They are funny. You know that it's going to be a funny story to tell a little farther down the road. The hard moments are being happy for the people around me who are moving across the country for the dream job, getting accepted into their first choice school to complete their masters, falling in love; etc. etc. overcoming the feeling that I'm not just getting left behind but I'm getting lapped. I am so thrilled for everyone else's successes and happiness. The bottom line is always that you want the people you love to be happy. Even if they're being happy with someone else or being happy 10,000 km away from you.