Thursday, 24 July 2014

Currently Playing Catchup

I had a bit of a blogging streak and then things got crazy. As in we had 44 campers and some were a bit of a handful and I barely had time to sleep this week never mind sit at a computer and blog. Camp ended yesterday and I came home for a few days because I need to lay on the couch and watch the Discovery Channel to let my brain repair itself after last week. 

While I sit here at noon, still in my PJs, watching Coldwater Cowboys and looking forward to the BBQ hot dogs I'm going to eat for lunch I figure I can participate in yesterday's "Currently" prompt. 

Reading: I just finished The Tin Ring by Zdenka Fantlova. I really want to read The Big Truck That Went By by Jonathan Katz next but I haven't been able to track down a copy. 

Writing: Randomness. Every now and then I'll get out my notebook and pen and write some random prose poetry. 

Listening to: Somewhere In My Car - Keith Urban

Thinking: I don't ever want to leave the couch. Except that I need to switch over my laundry and eat lunch and shower. And I'm pretty sure Mom is going to get me to leave the house and go out into the world at some point today, so I should get dressed. 

Smelling: The hayfield next door.

Wishing: There was real coffee in this house instead of just the instant stuff my brother drinks. 

Hoping: The rest of the summer is relatively stress-free. 

Wearing: The most adorable PJ shorts from American Eagle, they're pink and have umbrellas all over them. And an old t-shirt from res. 

Wanting: Real coffee. And someone to make me lunch. And a foot rub. And some clarification about a confusing boy situation. 

Loving: The PJ shorts I'm currently wearing. Laying on the couch is also glorious. 

Needing: Motivation. Or caffeine. It's hard to distinguish between the two at this point in the summer. 

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