Monday, 14 October 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here in Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated the second Monday in October, meaning this weekend was Thankgiving weekend! We do Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, which is actually pretty common around here. It just makes more sense to do a big turkey dinner after church on Sunday than on Monday. And Thanksgiving Monday is just an extra day off work! 

I actually don't like turkey, there's just something about the smell that turns me off. But I fully enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner of stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy and BBQ chicken. And lemon pie for dessert. My grandma makes the best lemon pie. I'm not much of a pie person but her lemon pie is my all time favourite.  Mom brought home a pumpkin pie from the grocery store bakery that I've also been enjoying all weekend. Last night my aunt & uncle had a bonfire, which was really the perfect end to the day. 

Today I'm spending the day cleaning my room and getting to work on some Christmas cards for an upcoming church sale!


  1. Fun!! Yay for thanksgiving! It's fun learning about other country's cultures! (: Happy thanksgiving!

  2. how fun!! happy thanksgiving, love!
    and EEEEEEEE CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! the best. only on of my most faaavorite parts of christmas!! yayay!


    1. I love sending & receiving Christmas cards too! It's such a nice change of pace to sort through the mail to find cards and notes opposed to junk mail & bills!