Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Someday (Soon)...

I will find myself working at my dream job (probably in the city) and being the best roommates ever with R.

I will be in a relationship with the guy I'll marry. 

I will follow a tutorial and finish making a button for my blog.

I will write in my prayer/gratitude journal for a month straight without missing a day.

I will clean my car. And my room. And my closet. 

I will finish reading Game of Thrones.

I will stop lying to myself and accept the fact I will never finish reading Game of Thrones.

I will travel outside Canada.

I will start Christmas shopping.

I will reorganize my iTunes.

I will reconnect with old friends.

I will get my MacBook fixed so I can stop relying on my giant desktop computer for all my blogging needs.

I will take a leap of faith and order a pair of glasses from one of those websites with cheap glasses.

I will stop overanalyzing.

I will stop biting my nails. 

I will be incredibly thankful and overwhelmed at just how perfectly all of the details in life have come together.


  1. I would love to travel TO Canada!!

  2. I totally need to start Christmas shopping I have 2 gifts bought lol

  3. Just stopping by from the link up and see that you're a fellow Canadian! I LOVE finding other bloggers from the GWN since we are so few and far between!