Thursday, 20 October 2016

Life This Week

This week started going downhill the end of last week when mid-October hit and I hadn't heard anything about getting an interview for a job that I really want. I made it through to the second round of the application process and was fairly confident that my answer to the essay question was solid enough to at least get me through to the interview phase. It feels both overly dramatic and an understatement to say I'm completely heartbroken over the whole thing. 

I'm trying to be logical about the whole thing and remind myself at the end of the day I want them to find the best person, I want to work there because I love the concept of what they do and I want them to have the best people so that they can continue with their mission and vision. And if I'm not that person there's not a whole lot I can do. 

In my attempts to move on from this particular disappointment I've been busy filling out applications for other positions and have really come across some favourite so far has been the one that inquired about my involvement with the occult and any sexual immorality. Although at this point I might seriously consider selling my soul for a year round job (kidding...sort of). 

Factor in my ongoing frustrations trying to get end of contract paperwork from the office job (I spent an hour on the phone today only to be told to call back next week) and it's been a very long week. And it's only Thursday.

The good news is though that I have fun plans for tomorrow with my favourite Rangers (as long as the rain doesn't interfere), a field trip with my Sparks on Sunday and a Saturday to recover from all the Ranger fun on Friday. And since my phone charger has decided to stop working I think I'm going to take myself on a little Thursday field trip to Winners/Michael's. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Things I've Never Done (And Probably Never Will)

On Monday I wrote about some posts that have been sitting in my drafts for awhile and a few people seemed super interested in reading this particular post. Before we go any further I'm going to clarify that I'm not trying to be judgemental or attack anyone personally. If you happen to enjoy spending the day at a spa, drinking juice and blogging about blogging, more power to you. In the wise words of Amy Poehler, "good for you, not for me."

I've never gotten a pedicure or a facial or a massage or been to a spa. There is nothing appealing to me about having a stranger touch me. And I know that the mark of a good spa is super hygienic but I still hear some horror stories about people picking up funguses and infections and I just can't get past the idea.

Gone on vacation to an all-exclusive resort in Dominican/Mexico/Cuba etc.. This falls into the 'good for you, not for me' category. First of all the idea of sitting on a beach all week sounds painfully boring, factor in the idea of sitting on a beach potentially surrounded by a bunch of drunk people and I would rather stay in snowy, cold Canada. I also have some mixed emotions about the gap between being on a resort and what goes on outside of the resort gate.

Give advice about how to blog. Sure, I can help you set up a blogger account and recommend someone to design a custom layout (Erin) but after that you're on your own. Blog about what you want, share (or don't share) whatever photos you want, it's your blog and your life and do whatever works for you.

You know what I enjoy doing on a regular basis? Eating. So you know what I won't be doing anytime ever? A cleanse. You can't convince me that starving myself for a few days while I sip juices or eat soup and drink charcoal concoctions is healthy.

Get a tattoo. I appreciate art on my walls, not on my body. I think it looks unprofessional when people have tattoos peeking out of every article of clothing and just don't understand the hype. 

Change my hair colour. I just can't be bothered, once you start you can't stop because then you'll have roots or odd coloured hair...and that's just so much money! I can't imagine spending hundreds of dollars just to make my hair a different colour. Maybe I'll have different opinions on this in the future should I have grey hair, but even then I'm confident it won't be anything elaborate and won't involve anything other than natural hair colours. 

Leave anonymous, hateful comments online. Why? I would never say that to someone's face so why on earth would I type it and send it off into cyber space? 

Spend more than $15 on any given make up/item. You can't convince me your $80 mascara does anything that my $8 mascara doesn't. If I'm spending $80 on something that is going to need replacing in a few months it better be edible or do more than darken my eyelashes. 

Aquire a collection of costume jewelry. This is probably related to the hair colour, I just can't be bothered. I wear the same jewellery every day, occasionally swapping out half a dozen necklaces or so but that's where it ends. I sort of admire the people who have a gift for accessorizing but not enough to do it myself.

What are things you've never done that the rest of the world seems to be enamoured with?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Just Call Me Phoebe

There is no denying I have my quirks and while I've been told they are hard to keep track of I embrace it wholeheartedly...really it's less about self-confidence and more about the fact sometimes I don't even notice my quirks until someone points them out (see screenshot of conversation). 

As the above conversation suggestions, sometimes when I need a pick me up I'll watch clog dancing videos on YouTube. Occasionally I'll also watch step dancing and line dancing videos. I just appreciate how organized and in sync they are all dancing in their coordinated outfits. 

Before watching a movie (including one in theatres) I google it extensively and read up on key plot points as well as the ending. This allows me to fast forward through the scary/sad/stressful parts and prepare for the ending. 

I don't like eating foods that touch (casseroles are for the devil IMO) except that pizza is my favourite and dips are the best snack food. 

I don't like having the air conditioning on in the car and I refuse to drive with the windows down. I am a delight to drive with during the summer months. (Don't worry, I will turn the air conditioning on enough to cool down but then it goes back off until it gets too hot again.)

I have terrible spacial awareness (please don't ask me to help you move furniture), but I'm really good at Tetris and Tangram type games.

I flip through catalogs and read magazines from back to front.  

I'm very particular about my socks. If they are ankle socks they need to be all one colour (preferably black) but then a different colour on the heel, toes and around the ankle. And I feel better about life when my socks match my shirt.

I sing to myself all time time. Nine times out of ten it's not a real song, just something I make up as a go along about whatever is happening at that moment. I do my best work at camp when I'm slightly over tired and way over caffeinated.

I hate cold condiments, they need to be room temperature so as not to interfere with the temperature of my food.

I love Flashback/Clip episodes of TV shows. I think it's because I really like testing memory so when I see all the past clips I get to quiz myself about what episode they're from.

I have a really good memory...and find myself constantly embarrassed by how easily it is for me to know things about stuff. For the most part as long as I read it or hear it and actively think about it, it's filed away forever.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Back To Blogging: Unpublished Posts

I have 41 posts saved in my draft folder. A few of them are posts for later this week and a few are posts that are essentially idea dumps that I should go ahead and delete, but most are posts that I started writing and either never finished or never felt confident enough to push publish.

Ten Things I've Never Done (And Probably Never Will)
I don't always relate well to people in my age bracket because there are just some activities that do not appeal to me. And sometimes I have unpopular opinions when it comes to what constitutes a good time. I haven't published this one because I worry it makes me sound super judgemental even though that's not the intention. 

Work Boots
You can tell a lot about a person by what kind of shoes a person wears. I've always known this but I kind of forgot it for awhile and now that I've been reminded it's an observation worth sharing. 

Ten Things I Won't Give You Advice About
I definitely have a lot of opinions on a lot of things, but that doesn't mean I expect everyone to have the same opinions. People should do what works for them and just because something works for me doesn't make me qualified to tell other people that's the way they should do things. (Refer to next  unpublished post.)

Experts & Extremists
This started off as a post about the onslaught of so called 'experts' in the world these days and the opinion that if you're not extreme about your opinions it's not valid. Again, it took on more of judgey tone than I intended so I never went back and finished writing or editing it to make it less harsh.

Mac & Cheese Recipe
I didn't even know this was buried in there. There was a time when I planned on blogging a lot more about food and recipes but I feel intimidated by all the Pinterest perfect meal posts so I never did take photos and finish this post. Maybe the next time I make mac & cheese I'll snap some photos and hit the publish. 

Bloom Where You're Planted
This post isn't super relevant anymore, I wrote it last spring when I was having some serious doubts about doing another year at camp. I never published it because it felt a little too personal but I should really print it and stick it into my notebook journal.

Weird Things People Have Asked About My Career Path
This was inspired after someone asked if I had ever considered applying to work at the bank. I'm not even sure where I was going with this, it's an entertaining idea but needs a lot of work before it sees the light of the internet. 

It's Alright To Be Itty Bitty
Everyone wants to be an expert or to run the show and that's not something I'm interested in. I don't need (or want) to live in a big city or be CEO or have the best and newest of everything. I actually really like this post and would like to figure out a way to finish it because right now it's a lot of rambling and the point gets lots. 

On Waiting
Sometimes I feel like all I do is wait and have patience and while I try to be a really patient person sometimes waiting is exhausting. Especially when it's a matter of waiting on other people. Writing this post just made me feel defeated so I abandoned it and forgot about it's existence. 

Project Life Updates
There are about six of these posts where I intended to share my Project Life spreads and write about what I've learned in the process. 

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Peace Like A River

I don't usually blog on Saturdays but before the storm I had planned to participate in the Back to Blogging Challenge and I didn't get to do that because we didn't have power. I think it all worked out for the best though because it's been a long week and starting the weekend with some positive reflection is a good way to go so I'm starting off with What Makes You Feel Peaceful?

I've mentioned before that my grandparents live in a teeny-tiny fishing village and my grandfather's warf/boat are my favourite places in the world. Being there is the best kind of peaceful because it's not necessarily calm & quiet but it's comfortable in the routine of hard work, community and contentment. It gets extra peaceful points watching the sunrise over the ocean. 

I love being in the kitchen, turning ingredients into food is calming and there's something extra satisfying about making something delicious. Photography is a fairly recent hobby, but something I've come to love a whole lot the world seems a little kinder when viewed through a camera lens. Campfires are flat-out magical. Some of my best memories are sitting around a campfire with friends either in silence as we all watch the flames or in joyful conversation.

Camp is the opposite of peaceful in a lot of ways, but there are small windows of time when it feels like a pretty peaceful place. My favourite time used to be in the morning for about half an hour before everyone was up and about for the day, sitting in the office sipping hot coffee and getting to check in with the counsellors as they went by getting ready for the day. And another window of time at the end of the day when mostly everyone was headed to bed sneaking away for a few minutes to watch the sunset. And at the end of a session eating the first non-camp food meal of the week (often Subway, pizza or chicken strips & fries) and watching episodes of Friends or How I Met Your Mother. 

The similarities of my peacefulness are pretty obvious. I like nature and the outdoors, food and documenting it all for the future. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Animals Came By Twosies, Twosies, Twosies...

When I last blogged on Friday I had visions of a Monday post full of Thanksgiving weekend adventures...I spent the night at my grandparents, went for a hike with my mom and grandmother, picked cranberries for cranberry sauce. We had Thanksgiving dinner and I ate lots of was all very blogworthy. 

And then it started to rain.

And it rained some more.

And before too long the quaint little brook that runs behind my house looked like this:

And then it continued to rain.

And rain.

And rain some more. And roads started to look like this (the photo on the left was actually taken yesterday after it had finally stopped raining):

And as much as I love rain the novelty starts to wear off a little when you have a lake in your backyard and your great-aunts freezer is floating in her basement. When it finally stopped raining we got over 250 mm (that's almost 10 inches) in just under 24 hours...and it got windy. And around here when it gets windy we lose our power. Which normally isn't a big deal because we have a generator that powers the essentials (and some creature comforts i.e. television) except that in the midst of all the rain we loaned our generator to my uncle so he could continue to power the pump that was keeping his basement from being transformed into a pool. 

Late Tuesday night it stopped raining and the wind had died down enough that we got our generator back and our power came back for good shortly after supper time last night (Wednesday). So things are starting to get back to normal. We were actually really lucky, the water that came in our basement was a small puddle, there's a lot of people who have entire bottom floors full of water and lost a lot of stuff due to water damage. 

Needless to say all that blogging I was planning to do this week went out the window. On the bright side I finished two books, did some NaNoWriMo planning, and I spent lots of time using my camera. 

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Friday Favourites: Bandwagon Edition

Today's edition of Friday Favourites isn't anything groundbreaking but it is five things that have been my favourites this week. 


This Is Us I know I'm not the only one who has declared this the best TV show to premier in a really long time. And to be honest I'm not even sure what it is that makes it so great, I tuned into the first episode because teen movies of the early 2000s left be with a deep love of Mandy Moore and I just like to see what she's up to now. I'm genuinely interested to see where things are going with this show. Beth is my favourite character so far but I also curious to see where they are going with Kate's storyline.  

Me And My Big Ideas
The Happy Planner. Last year I jumped on the Project Life train and never looked back. At the same time I was busy admiring all of the planner gear and convincing myself that I could only start one new project at a time. Now that 2017 in upon us and I've found my groove with Project Life I let myself go ahead and buy a Happy Planner when they were on sale at Michael's a couple of weeks ago. So now I've been researching all the ways people organize their lives using those handy dandy little books and trying to figure out what method is going to work for me. 


Blogging. After being totally disheartened by all the sponsored posts and 'Pinnable' content in blogland I took a long break from the blog scene. It was a happy coincidence that it also happened to be around camp time when blogging tends to go on the back burner anyway. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to come back to the blog but over the past week and a half I've cleaned up my Bloglovin' feed, found some bloggers who were still blogging about daily life without telling anyone else how to live theirs and am feeling a little more passionate about being part of the blogworld again. 


Netflix. I go through seasons with Netflix and by that I mean from April-September when camp is in full swing I don't really have time to watch Netflix and I certainly don't have the internet connection required to use Netflix. So I cancel my subscription. Last year I was working so much in the winter that I didn't bother to re-subscribe but it's currently October and I have nothing but time on my hands so I signed myself back up and have been happily re-watching The Office, being pleasantly surprised by how many more Disney movies have been added and exploring all of the weird and wonderful documentaries available. This excitement will probably wear off in about 6-8 weeks once I've re-watched and watched all the things I'm interested in watching. For now though it's a favourite thing. 


Thanksgiving. It's a Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada! And while I don't have much enthusiasm for turkey dinner (we have turkey dinner every week at camp on the last night of the session) I do love mashed potatoes & gravy and stuffing and of course my grandmother's pie (definitely not a part of the camp menu). I'm looking forward to the general chaos of a big family meal, getting my camera out and taking some photos and enjoying the general fall festivities.

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