Thursday, 19 January 2017

27 Wishes

I seem to have accidentally started a tradition of making lists on my birthday around these parts. When I turned 24 I created a list of 24 wishes, I hadn't read that post in years but I am happy to report that 4.5 of those wishes came true! And on my 25 birthday and 26 birthday I made lists of relevant 'fun facts'. The majority of the fun facts on those lists are still accurate and since I could use some wish magic in my life right now I'm going to go ahead and grant myself 27 wishes.

  1. Full time, year round, permanent position that I love. Ideally with a camp or similar organization.
  2. A kind, attractive, outdoorsy gentleman who is interested in long term commitment.
  3. An all inclusive 10 day trip to Walt Disney World for myself and three friends. 
  4. A fully stocked and fully functional craft room.
  5. A sleepover with the Pioneer Woman. (That way she could make me supper, breakfast and multiple snacks.)
  6. All you can eat mozzarella sticks once a month for the rest of the year.
  7. The ability to teleport.
  8. A talent for sewing.
  9. A fully stocked and organized pantry. (Similar to Ree Drummond, I may have an obsession.)
  10. A Starbucks date with Taylor Swift.
  11. To wake up to fully cooked breakfast every morning. Not breakfast in bed, but I want to be motivated by the smell of bacon.
  12. Power to pick & choose when I will be blessed with a good hair day.
  13. Lunch with Becky Higgins, creator of Project Life.
  14. A quirky animal sidekick. 
  15. Happy mail on a regular basis. 
  16. A boost of confidence. 
  17. The opportunity to visit all of the Girl Guide/Scout World Centres.
  18. A week long camping trip.
  19. A super chic coffee bar set up.
  20. Motivation to become someone who does yoga on a regular basis.
  21. Consistently neat handwriting.
  22. An avocado tree in the backyard so I could time my ripe avocados appropriately. 
  23. A month long trip to Australia.
  24. Pizza Party with Kate Middleton. 
  25. Ice Cream cake.
  26. Can I have two trips to Disney World?
  27. A year full of good things & happiness. 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Eight Favourite Characters

Today I'm linking up with Tuesday Topics to share my eight favourite characters from books/movies. Before I unveil my choices it's important to remember that I'm a quirky person and my menagerie of favourite characters completely reflect that trait.

1. Ted Mosby I relate to Ted and his plight to find true love so much it hurts. I love that he is an eternal optimist and never loses hope. I also love that he has quirky interests and his friends sort of think he's a ridiculous person, but also love him because he's a ridiculous person. I relate to his extreme nostalgia and sometimes getting carried away with the idea of how life is supposed to look at any given time.

2. Stargirl I read this book for the first time in elementary school and it was a little over my head. By the time I read it in junior high I got it but didn't love it. When I re-read it in high school I fell head over heels for Stargirl. I mentioned before that I ended up using a Stargirl quote for my senior quote because not only is the character great but the writing is beautiful.

3. Charlie Brown I love that Charlie Brown can't catch a break, I get it. Again with the eternal optimism though, even if he winds up throwing chocolates into the river it didn't stop him from buying them in the first place. 

4. Meredith Grey Meredith knows how to put on her big girl undies and get things done. Bad things happen to her frequently and on an alarming scale but she deals with it and moves on. Not always in the best ways but she does what she needs to do even if she's not confident it's what she wants to do. 

5. Meeko I love Pocahontas, but the real star of the show for me is Meeko.

6. Phoebe Buffay She knows who she is and doesn't let a darn thing stand in her way of doing what she thinks is right. She puts everything she has into everything she does (cups & ice anyone?) and even though things can get a little weird she goes with the flow. 

7. Princess Mia I feel like I grew up with Mia, we're close to the same age and as each new book was being released it felt like she was growing up with me. The first movie is great (we'll pretend the second one doesn't exist) but I love the Mia from the books. 

8. Amelia Bedelia These were my favourite books to read when I was first learning how to read. I loved reading about Amelia's misadventures and I still love reading these books to the littles in my life.

Doesn't that sound like the guest list to the best dinner party ever? Bonus fun fact, Amelia is my absolute favourite name for a girl and if I ever have a daughter I want her name to be Amelia. I attribute this love in large part to the two Amelia's above, which I happen to think are excellent namesakes.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Monday's Matter #3

As always let's start with some of my recent favourite reads. Renee from Mulling Over My Morning Coffee wrote this short devotional about how things don't always go according to our plan. Elissa wrote about her choice to take a nap. And Callie shared her thoughts about old school blogging

I'm on my third Word of the Week and I love switching it up every week. My original plan was to wait until I had made it through at least four words but I'm only starting the third week and I'm already itching to share. So far I've used Abide & Flow and this week I'm working on Spark. 

Even though this is the first Valentine's Day in two years that I've been single I am the most excited about celebrating. Mostly because I get to celebrate with twenty 5-8 year olds! I found the cutest fun patches online and ordered one for each of them (and the other leaders). My plan is to make little tags to serve as Valentines and they will be adorable. Plus, mailing Valentine's Day cards because that's a fun thing to do too. Maybe it's a consumer holiday but for someone who's love language (aside from chips & dip) involves words of affirmation Valentine's is my jam. 

For as long as I can remember I've been labeled as 'shy'. And it's only in the last few years that I've kind of embraced that label. BBC published this article about Celebrating Shyness  and it completely resonated with me. I think it's worth a read regardless of whether you consider yourself shy or not. I think it's hard for people who aren't shy to understand shy doesn't mean rude or standoffish. And I also think it's important to designate the difference between being shy and having seriously severe social anxiety. 

It also seems fitting to share my favourite Obama article, Obama After Dark. I happened to read this article while I was at camp and I related to so much of it, especially the no good decisions part. There are days when selling plain white t-shirts in size medium on a beach in Hawaii sounds like a viable career choice. 

I'm still in the waiting phase of things unfolding with the job search. And realistically it will probably be the end of January before I have a solid plan, but at least the end is (hopefully) in sight. With that in mind my quote of the week is from the amazing Julia Child. I assume she was talking about food, but I think the sentiment is transferable, especially after last week's Patience Make Pancakes revelation. 



Friday, 13 January 2017

Friday Things on Friday

This week started off in one direction and then sort of veered off course, which worked out fine because my Word of the Week was flow. More coming on that process soon, I'm planning on making a post about how that's going once I'm a full month into the system.

Puzzle = Complete!

It was a bit of a close call, I had everything put together and then realized I was missing two pieces. Thankfully one of the cats had just knocked them off the table and on to the floor so I found them pretty quickly. Usually I don't re-do puzzles, but I really liked this one and it was a gift so I will hang on to it and complete it again some time. I took a sharpie and wrote 'January 2017' on the inside of the box so I can remember when it was last completed.

A hilarious antidote from yesterday's interview. I asked a question related to the typical structure of a work day and was met with a very enthusiastic response about that being a great question and they totally over looked that information because everyone else on the interview list has previous experience with the organization and is familiar with the daily structure. Awesome. I'm pretty sure that's code for, you're totally qualified for this job based on your resume but we're only interviewing you for optics. This job is going to an internal candidate.


In case anyone asks the way to my heart is plain, rippled chips and Philadelphia brand onion dip. We happened to have both of these things in the house this week and that makes my heart (and stomach) happy.

Via E-Patches & Pinterest

I'm searching Pinterest for cute Valentine's ideas for my Sparks/Brownies. Since my cute Christmas craft plans went awry I sent them each home with a Kinder Surprise so I'd like to reclaim some of my craftiness for Valentine's Day. Even though I'm also considering just ordering cute 'Valentine's Day' or 'Girls Rock' crests online, attaching a little tag and calling it a day. Parents of littles, what are your thoughts? Cute Pinterest inspired Valentines or more practical crests? (I think I might already know the answer to this.)

This song has been on repeat this week. It's so catchy and not about getting drunk making poor life choices, which seems to be the theme of most catchy songs these days.

This weekend my plans include reading my second (!!) book of the year, continuing to listen to Run Devil Run on repeat and finding a new show to watch on Netflix now that I've made my way through all of Lock Up. 


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Patience Makes Pancakes

Last week a friend sent me this story:

I have no idea where it came from but I'm a big fan. And I've been mulling it over in my head since she first shared it with me. I've never been good at the whole 'wait and see' thing. I want to know what happens next so I can make plans accordingly. But for the last however many months life has been one huge 'wait and see' moment. And I am not a fan. The process of filling out applications, sending resumes & cover letters here, there and everywhere. Making it to secondary rounds, being offered interviews and then hitting a dead end feels like mixing together all the ingredients, discovering you're short a tablespoon of lard and tossing the whole thing in the trash. 

Last night I was making pancakes for supper because I forgot to take anything else out of the freezer. And as I stood over the stove waiting to see the batter bubble so I could flip it to the other side I was reminded of the biscuit story. Even if you have all the right ingredients the oven still needs to be set at the right temperature. And you need to keep things cooking until it's finished, nobody wants a pancake that isn't cooked the whole way through. 

Coincidently, yesterday I was also offered an interview for my 'pancake job', the job I applied for because I had most of the ingredients even if it wasn't my favourite food. The deadline for applications was three weeks ago and I assumed that since I hadn't heard anything it meant that I wouldn't be, which I wasn't surprised about. Again, most of the ingredients but not all and it was a very quick "search & replace" job for a few words on my cover letter. 

This most recent development also coincides with my decision to re-consider leaving my current camp. Less than a week ago I sent an e-mail to the organization explaining that my job search hadn't gone well and I may still be interested in my usual seasonal contract unless something changed. I was making peace with the idea that my work at that particular camp yet wasn't done yet and the universe was making sure I was put back there. I still had/have a lot of reservations though and wasn't entirely confident I was making the right choice. 

Now I find myself staring at two completed recipes and only enough room in the oven to bake one of them. And I'm waiting to see what the universe wants me to make. If I get a job offer from this interview then I will happily enjoy biscuits after being given a lot of plain flour over the last few months. There are a lot of benefits to it, the biggest ones being it wouldn't involve moving to the city and it's full time, year round and permanent. And if I don't get the job offer then that will be the confirmation that I need to go back to camp. 

So stay tuned because either way there is a glimmer of light (and a plate of snacks) at the end of this tunnel. 


Monday, 9 January 2017

Winter Waves

Friday night I officially finished off my Project Life albums!

Look at all those finished pages!! I didn't do a final count but it's close to 100, which means there are thousands of photos printed and documented within those pages. I'm working on a post to share some of my favourite pages but my spread photography needs a lot of practice. 

Saturday I started the morning off with coffee, a cinnamon roll and more work on my puzzle.

The trickiest part about the puzzle is the sheer number of Mickey Mouses, Cheshire Cats and Chip & Dales. Plus since it's a pile of trader pins everything is sort of upside down and sideways. The rest of the day Saturday I watched far too many episodes of 'Lock Up' on Netflix. I don't know why prison shows fascinate me so much, but they do. Except for Orange Is The New Black...after a few episodes of that I was thoroughly disturbed and stopped watching. The book was a good read though. Saturday night I continued with the Lock Up episodes and did some serious decluttering. I went though all of my scrapbooking stuff and got organized to start Project Life 2017. And tackled the photo boxes I had been dumping memorabilia in, anything that didn't get put into an album over the course of the year went in the trash. And the pile of ticket stubs and cards from J. also got tossed. A quick swiffer and I was ready to continue my 2017 streak of thankful thoughts and bedtime devotional reading. 

We were supposed to get a storm Saturday night and into Sunday but we ended up only getting 20-25 cm of snow instead of the predicted 40+. Everything was cleaned up by the afternoon so I headed to my grandparents to take some photos. The waves were huge from the storm and if it wasn't so bitterly cold I would have spent a lot longer on the beach. 

Just as I was starting to loose feeling in my fingers the sun started to poke out and the sky went from grey to blue.

I would have stayed longer but there was coffee and more cinnamon rolls calling me from my grandparents' house. Not to mention kitty cuddles from their cat who was very interested in my wool socks. 

Last night I watched more Lock Up (Seriously, I'm glad there's only one season because it's starting to give me crazy dreams) and got ready for the week. Which consisted of choosing my word for the week, setting up my planner and planning out some blog posts. 2017 is still a winner in my books, let's hope the trend continues!

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Epiphany Friday Favourites

It's been an odd start to the year, but I think things are (finally) headed in a good direction!

I'm going to be a little 'cryptic blogger' right now because even though I've tentatively started wandering down another path I'm not sure how it will all play out. I do know that even if it's not at all what I had in mind six months ago it feels right. And yesterday I came across this verse which kind of gave me goosebumps.

I bought Savor last year but it was March by the time it arrived and even though I would occasionally read a few pages here and there I never made a habit of it. This year I got to start from the beginning on January 1st and it's become one of my favourite parts of the day. 


Over the course of the last week I've lost track of how many eagles I've seen. During my drive home from H. & R. on Monday I spotted at least six (maybe two more but they also might have been seagulls) and yesterday I saw another one while I was driving. Eagles aren't necessarily a rare sighting around here, but close to a dozen in one week is out of the ordinary. Since one of my intentions for 2017 was to listen to the universe I'm going to go ahead and be encouraged that eagle sightings are often interpreted as a sign of new beginnings, stamina and courage. 


Monday R. & I went on an adventure and checked out a local bird sanctuary that I sort of knew existed but have never actually investigated. Turns out there are all kinds of hiking trails, friendly chickadees that will eat from your hand and so many squirrels. At one point I was standing on the trail and there were eight squirrels surrounding me. It was magical. I felt like a Disney princess.

I got the last of my 2016 photos printed yesterday so I'm excited to spend the weekend adding the final few pages to my Project Life album and getting started on 2017. I love that I've found a memory keeping system that works for me. When I counted a few weeks ago I had close to 100 completed pages! Do you know how many pages I have completed for 2015? None. I have one large Smashbook  from the summer but that's it. I don't think I'll ever be a retro-active scrapbooker but I'm happy that I have a system moving forward!