Saturday, 13 September 2014


This week alone I saw two engagements and one pregnancy announcement pop up on my Facebook feed. All from girls the same age (or a year younger) than me. I am really happy for those people and I wish them nothing but the best, that doesn't mean I don't feel a twinge of hurt/jealousy whenever another announcement comes rolling in.

Once upon a time I met a boy who was a few check marks short of perfect…except for one glaring problem, he wasn't ready to be in a relationship. Which I calmly accepted and let myself hope (and pray) that at some point the timing would be right and we could be together. Then he met someone else, who he was ready to be in a relationship with and I spent a month  far longer than I would like to admit bursting into tears when I saw photos of their adventures and listening to Taylor Swift while I tried to process my feelings towards the whole thing. Things are better now, I'm a little less emotionally fragile and when I step back and take myself out of the equation I really do want him to be happy. 

I get discouraged pretty easily when it feels like everyone else in the world is in a serious relationship, two steps away from marriage but I know that I would rather be single than be with someone just for the sake of being with someone. 

It's hard to be confident and okay with this whole season of singleness thing when I have such a strong desire to be married and have a family. I trust that there is a reason God's current plan for me doesn't involve being in a relationship. I have don't have much of an idea why that is, but if I let myself believe that it's something I'm doing wrong I get angry and bitter. And nobody likes the angry bitter single girl. Including myself.

If you want to read more about my thoughts on being single check out this post.

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  1. Never settle for less! I've done it once and it took me a lil' more than a year to realise it's "him" (current hubby, not then bf) or nothing.
    I guess it's not considered a risk/waste to give up the then-peaceful relationship which I could not figure what was missing in exchange for waiting and hopefully "he" will return. I'm glad I waited. and yes, yours will come. =)

  2. Being single when it seems like all of your other friends have someone is really hard, and feeling some jealousy is definitely normal. I felt like "the odd man out" for a while too, but you are going to meet someone that will be perfect for you. Not a couple check marks shy of perfect. Hope you have a great weekend

  3. Everyone deserves to be the center of attention in a relationship. It will be worth the wait. Because, you do deserve to have something special and not have to settle. I don't know you, but just from what I have read of your blog, You seem really amazing. Your prince will come! :)

  4. Yes! You're so right about everything. I think that being okay with being single is necessary to living out God's plan for our lives - it's what comes along with trusting Him completely! You go.

  5. Always remember, for one thing, DEFINITELY not everyone is in a serious relationships. By far most of my friends in their 20s are single. The marriage age on average isn't in the early 20s anymore. I got married very young and people tend to not consider that a good thing these days. And you're precisely right, being with someone just for the sake of being with someone is never worth it. Being with the right someone for you will be awesome!

  6. Hang in there-someone perfect is going to come along!! I agree with everything you said and I too am not the girl to just be in a relationship to be with someone. Cheers to savoring our single season!! xx