Monday, 22 September 2014

Coffee & Blogging

It's been rainy and windy out so my Fall Picture Practice consists of my new red mug being filled with coffee. Because when it's cold and rainy and fall like outside it's time for hot coffee and jogging pants inside.

I spent a huge portion of this weekend sitting on my bedroom floor surrounded by photos and scraps of paper and stickers. There is something exceptionally therapeutic about condensing the summer into one book of photos and papers. I can lose myself for hours cutting & gluing & sticking and just putting it all in one place. 

Today's Blog-tember prompt is to share 5 blogs I read on a regular basis

71 Toes
Shawni is my favourite. She is so genuine and honest and if I'm lucky enough to become a wife & mom someday I want to be like her. Shawni and her husband recently moved themselves and their kids to China for a semester so her recent posts have been about navigating the new normal. Plus, she takes beautiful photos!

Kelly's Korner
I think everyone "knows" Kelly and her adorable family. I love that Kelly isn't afraid to share her beliefs with others and is just so darn sweet.

The Grand Adventures of Me
Nina is hilarious. Her blog is the best balance of posts that make you almost pee your pants laughing and posts that really make you think about and reflect on  your spirituality.

34 Magnolia Street
Lauren talks a lot about her faith, her involvement with church and her recent move from the south to the north. Reading her posts feels like I'm chatting with a friend over coffee instead of reading some stranger on the internet.

Mix & Match Mama
This a fairly recent addition to my daily reads, but I love reading Shay's recipes, following her adoption journey and being inspired by her out of this world organization.

Coffee and blogging seem to go together like salt & pepper so with that I'm off to finish my coffee as I scroll though my Bloglovin' feed. Happy Monday!


  1. Good fall picture! A warm drink is the perfect representation of fall.

  2. I admire your scrapbooking abilities! I am so not good at that kind of stuff, so I always have an appreciation for those who are. :)

  3. I totally agree! I'm sitting here now, drinking coffee and blogging :)

  4. i totally agree; when the weather is colder, i drink hot liquids (mostly tea) and blog to my hearts content :)

  5. Scrapbooking is definitely an awesome way to spend a day! And I read Nina's blog, too!

  6. Hot chocolate is my absolute favorite when it comes to colder weather! So glad I found your blog!! I followed you on GFC and blog lovin' so I could keep up with your posts! I would love if you stopped by and followed along as well!