Saturday, 6 September 2014

Right This Second

Linking up with the blog-tember challenge to share what I'm up to at the moment! 

reading Sleepaway: Writings on Summer Camp by Eric Simonoff

watching Re-watching Grey's Anatomy  I'm on the second season and Denny just arrived at the hospital, I'm preparing myself for the heartbreak that's ahead!

trying to figure out how to go about unpacking my bags post-camp.

eating I just finished eating pepperoni pizza for supper. Now I'm looking ahead to chips & dip as a snack later when ooVoo-ing with H. & R.!

pinning Scrapbooking inspiration and gallery walls.

tweeting not much of anything! 

...going to spend the day with a few friends from Seattle! What a treat!

loving I got a Project Life "Dear Lizzy" Core Kit on clearance for $14 today at Michael's! 

discovering it's hard to figure out when you need to stay loyal and stick it out or let it go and start a new chapter of your life. 

enjoying a cold glass of pop!

...thinking "Is 6:00 p.m. too early to put on P.J's?"

feeling excited, optimistic, hopeful and determined that things are going to fall into place. 

listening The opening credits to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network

thanking technology for making it possible to spend Saturday night with H. & R. even though we're in three different provinces and three different time zones. 

...starting to 

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