Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Brand New Information

The prompt for Blog-tember today is "Most people don't know this, but…" and my mind immediately went to this classic Friends moment when everyone finds out about Monica & Chandler.

My love of Friends is something most people know about me, but you may not know that "The One Where Ross Got High" is my all time favourite episode. I can recite it line for line and it makes me laugh every time. 

Most people know that I'm particular about my food, but you probably don't know that a lot of what I do and don't eat is about texture. I eat a lot of chicken breasts but I can't handle shredded chicken and I'm not a fan of leftovers because the texture so often changes when you re-heat something.

You probably know that I love camp and count myself incredibly lucky to be able to work as an Assistant Camp Director but you probably don't know that I almost chose to study Social Work.

I've blogged about my major fears/anxieties about dying alone but rarely mention my other biggest fear of forgetting. It's why I'm so 'into' blogging, scrapbooking, journalling etc. I worry about forgetting (and being forgotten).

I've said before that I've never travelled outside Canada, but I haven't mentioned that I don't feel a strong desire to travel. There are places I would like to see (Stonehenge, Auschwitz, Cliffs of Moher) but I haven't met anyone who I really want to visit those places with and there are other things I would rather spend money on.

I love Pocahontas and a lot of other Disney movies, but I have no desire to visit Disney World. I hate rides, I don't like crowds and all those people running around in costumes kind of freak me out.

I have names picked out for my future children, and I worry that they will skyrocket in popularity or a close friend/family member will use them before I have children meaning I can't use them. They've been "my names" for years though and not getting to use them would be heartbreaking.

I watch the same movies over and over again, occasionally I'll watch something new and when I do I thoroughly Google and IMDB the entire plot so that I can prepare myself for the ending and know what to expect. I do not like not know how things are going to end.

I enjoy a good cup of coffee and normally drink it black with 1.5 sugars. Sometimes I'll use cream and only half a sugar.

My favourite animals are squirrels and I obviously have a lot of love for cats but polar bears also rank pretty high on my list of favourite animals.

What are some things most people don't know about you? Don't forget to link up with Bailey Jean!


  1. Love your post! I imagined you were telling me all that so that's some pretty great writing! Had to laugh about you saying the names you've chosen for your children are "your names"....!! I LOVE Friends too - it's one of those series that, no matter how many times you see it, it's STILL FUNNY EVERY SINGLE TIME you see it!

  2. Hi Donna! Thanks for visiting my blog! I can also relate to yours…. I also am a huge caffeine fan! AND I totally get what you mean about textures of foods. People make fun of me for it. But squishy things like yogurt and sour cream weird me out. I am also glad you understand the whole photography thing :)

  3. I understand about the baby name things! I used to have 3 or 4 baby names picked out that I LOVED. Unfortunately, my bf is all "ehh" about the ones I like. Since he's from Africa, if we get married and have kids, our kids will have an African name and an English name so that they'll have both cultures in them. My friends are convinced that I'm going to name my kids Mufasa or Simba. (Simaba is actually the name of one of my bf's best friends - so maybe!)

  4. OH my I am the exact same way about my food. I hate leftovers. I will eat a few select things left over but chicken and dumplings was one we had left and nope I would not touch it. It looks like a big pile of puke!

  5. I love this. Loved getting to know you a little better! And I couldn't agree more, that Friends is the best show of all time.