Friday, 19 September 2014

Friday Favourites

This week had a lot of ups and downs. I cried over some things that weren't worth crying over (and some that were). I danced it out to Shake it Off, ate some ketchup chips, shared my frustrations with H. & R. and just kept moving forward. Since it's been "one of those weeks" I think it's only proper I end the week with things that made me happy.

First off, these earrings:

Back in August I went on a ridiculous mission to find lightning bold earrings for my Secret Friend at camp. The only ones that I could find came in a set of 20, but SF wasn't getting all 20 pairs of earrings so I got the other 19 pairs. Usually I wear my pearl earrings because they go with everything and I like them a lot. The past few days though I've been embracing the peace signs. There's just something about them that makes me really happy and they've become my new favourites. 

I went to Target last night and bought myself one of my favourite candles
It's not everyone's cup of tea but it smells like camp and it makes me really happy. During my Target trip I also scored some Sharpies that were on clearance for 50 cents (!!!) and an adorable notebook with foxes that was also on clearance and I can't seem to find a photo of online. Trust me when I say it's the best. 

The sky was an amazing shade of sky-blue-pink last night as the sun was setting. I was driving though so I didn't get to take any photos but I'm a firm believer that sometimes the best thing is to enjoy life's little moments rather than rush to capture it for the blog/instagram.

I discovered grape Kool-Aid Singles this summer and they've become a favourite. 
The health benefits are pretty non-existent but every once and awhile I add one to a bottle of water just to mix it up a little and it reminds me of summer and makes me happy. And it has to be grape. I have no time for any other sugary juice flavours, if I'm going to drink it it has to be grape. 

Most people might feel a little depressed or unenthusiastic about grocery shopping on a Friday night, but grocery shopping is my favourite. There's just something so calming walking down the aisles, checking things off a list and then coming home and putting it all away. My plans to go grocery shopping this evening are seriously what's motivating me through the rest of today. That probably makes me weird, but I embrace it.

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  1. I love me some grape and cherry kool aid and yes it reminds me of summer too :) Grocery shopping is definately not my thing, especially putting it all away. I really liked your list :)

  2. Oh that candle is pretty! I love fall scents and I bet it smells so cozy!