Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Stocking Stuffers!

I absolutely love stockings. Some people dream about going to the pumpkin patch to take family pictures with their husband and babies. I dream about monogrammed stockings. I can't wait until I can hang stockings over the fireplace with mine and my husband's on either side and 3-4 stockings in between for the kiddos. 


As kids (and even know) my brother and I always opened our stockings first before any of the other presents. Santa also took the time to wrap all of the individual things in our stockings, which I love and plan on doing with my own kids. I had all kinds of pretty pictures for last week's wish list post but I quickly realized my favourite stocking stuffers don't make very interesting photos. So, this week's post will be in list form!

Favourite Stocking Stuffers

Lip Chap & Lip Gloss 
Nail Polish
Hand Cream
Face Wipes
Hair Accessories
Fun Socks

I think stockings are so much fun! There's lots room to be creative (one year my stocking was entirely scrapbooking supplies and another it was all camp things). I've even put together stockings as gifts for friends before and they've been very well received!

Don't forget to link up your favourite stocking stuffers here or here!


  1. Such a fun stocking stuffer list! :)

  2. All of those items are usually in my stocking from Santa--yes I still get a stocking. But I love the idea of an ornament!! And I've never thought to give my friends their presents stocking style--brilliant. I definitely feel more ready for Christmas now!

  3. Chapstick and lip balm are always a favorite!

  4. me too with the stockings! I haven't decided on any custom ones yet!

  5. Loving those stockings! So much fun -- still looking for the stockings that I want!

  6. I LOVE STOCKINGS! I hang two on my fireplace mantle at home. They're just for show... as it's just me and the cat at home, but I like them anyway! Maybe this year I'll have to fill Ramsey's (the cat)


  7. chap stick and fuzzy socks are my favorite, my mom still hangs a stocking for me and always puts those in!

  8. I live in a studio away from my fam...and I saw this gorgeous knit stocking at anthro...and I got it....Oops?

  9. I absolutely dream about monogram stockings (plus eventual kiddo stockings) too!!! Eee! We are absolutely on the same wavelength. I was so giddy ordering stockings for the hubs and me last year. So so fun! Thanks for linking up with us, gorgeous!!! xx

  10. I was just looking on Etsy for stockings yesterday! haha