Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Show Us Your Life - Reading List {November 8}

I am a huge bookworm. I was never one of those kids who hated reading, I raced to get my other work done so that I could pick out a book to read. In grade 6 I got in "trouble" because I read way ahead and finished the chapter book we were supposed to be reading as a class. (But really, who reads just one chapter a day!?) I am one of those people who can re-read the same book over and over again, especially one that I love. If my bookshelf had a "Most Read" list attached The Princess Bride by William Goldman and Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli would be at the top of the list. And I have a deep love for Laura Ingalls Wilder and have read the Little House on the Prairie books hundreds of times. 

I also have a huge love for "camp books", it's a niche genre but I've got a whole shelf full of them and they make me happy. If you're a camp person I strongly recommend Campingly Yours by Thomas C. Adler and Cabin Pressure by Josh Wolk

I read books from almost all genres, except for horror/mystery and over the top romance books which I stay away from. I tend to alternate between YA fiction and historical non-fiction, opposite ends of the reading spectrum for sure but I think they balance each other nicely. Since I just finished the first two books in the Divergent series and two other YA easy reads during my last trip to Chapters I picked up two heavier books.


I'm currently reading 12 Years A Slave and I'm finding it hard to get into, I've read quite a few slave narratives and I usually have a hard time putting them down because there is so much suspense, but this one is different. I'm only two or three chapters in so hopefully once I really get into the story it will hold my attention for longer. 

What are your book recommendations?


  1. My book recommendation is : The Fault in Our Stars ! I'm finishing it now, it's such a good book. Attention: it's that type of book you need to read with a box of tissues ;)

    1. Ohhh The Fault in our Stars is SUCH a good one. It is one of my favorites.