Wednesday, 13 November 2013


A is for Arts & Crafts, I can spend hours working on DIY projects and letting my creative juices flow!
B is for blankets, my favourite is one I made in grade 8 sewing class.
C is for camp, which has shaped me into the person I am today and continues to make me a better person.
D is for dusk, I love the way the sky looks as the sun finishes setting and the starts are starting to come out.

E is for Ephesians 3:20, my favourite verse in the Bible.
F is for fire, there is something so therapeutic about watching flames dance and listening to crackling wood.
G is for God, Alpha & Omega, creator of the universe.
H is for hope, I love this word and it's meaning.
I is for ice cubes, because everything tastes better with ice!
J is for Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, any other jelly bean is just not worth eating.
K is for kitchen, where I can lose myself for hours cooking, baking and singing along to my iPod.
L is for love, romantic love, platonic love, love between friends, family, God's love. All of it. 
M is for memories, life is constantly changing and I'm thankful I can look back and remember the good times.
N is for naps, the solution to 90% of life's problems will be reveled after a good nap.
O is for ocean, I can't imagine every living somewhere far from the ocean or water. 
P is for Peyton, the cutest and smartest cat that has ever lived.

Q is my favourite letter of the alphabet.
R is for Reality TV, my guilty pleasure that I fully admit and accept.
S is for summer, the most magical four months of the year full of sunshine, stargazing and serenity.
T is for The Princess Bride, my favourite book AND movie.
U is for underwear, I absolutely love underwear shopping!
V is for Vanilla Coke, the most delicious beverage to ever be sold.
W is for writing, I've been filling pages with my scribbles for as long as I can remember.
X is for x's and o's, because there's no denying hugs & kisses aren't great things. 
Y is for yoga pants, comfort at its finest.
Z is for zebra print, just enough to add some flair without making things tacky.

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