Thursday, 28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving....Thursday!

One of the many oddities about the blogging world is that 90% of bloggers are American. (I have no idea what the actual stats are but I know I get really excited when I happen to stumble upon another Canadian.) Which means most bloggers are celebrating Thanksgiving today! Being a Canadian I celebrated Thanksgiving back in today is just another Thursday. 

In honour of American Thanksgiving I will take some time out of my day to watch what I believe is some of the best TV ever made. Of course, I'm talking about Friends Thanksgiving episodes. Specifically, Season 6's "The One Where Ross Got High". It is my all-time favourite episode of Friends. Rachel's English Trifle is hilarious all by itself. And the scene where everyone just starts yelling each others secrets makes me laugh every time. I've reached the point where I can pretty much quote the entire episode, but it isn't any less funny than it was the first time. 

The last couple years retailers here have been trying to make "Black Friday" happen...but everybody works on it hasn't really caught on. 

My inbox has been flooded this week with e-mails from stores advertising "Black Friday Sales". None of them are super exciting, they're just sales, nothing worth standing in line or waking up at the crack of dawn to get. There are a few deals that I might check out, but honestly it depends on the weather. We're forecasted to get rain and strong winds the next couple of days. So if Friday comes along and its gross out side I'm going to stay right where I am!

Hope all you Americans are enjoying lots of quality time with family & friends and piles of delicious food!


  1. In America, we usually get the whole weekend off for thanksgiving, so we can go shopping on Black Friday! That's probably why they are trying to get it to happen in Canada. They obviously don't understand that Canada isn't screwed up like America. :]

  2. Sales are just sales- agreed!! Black Friday is a strange concept to me.