Friday, 15 November 2013

Random Friday Thoughts

I gave into peer pressure and installed iOS 7 on my iPhone this week. A decision I almost immediately regretted. Ever since I updated my phone refuses to acknowledge my Wi-Fi 80% of the time. Super annoying. Also, I finally got around to taking my MacBook in to get fixed...I was pretty confident the problem was a loose wire in the trackpad. Turns out it needs a new hard drive. It has not been a great week for the technology in my life.  #firstworldproblems

I'm cold and tired and kind of cranky so if someone could deliver one of these to my door that would be great.

Target opened this week! I am so tempted to check it out over the weekend, but I am going to try and hold out until Monday because I know it will be crazy. I had my first Target experience while i was in the city last month so a few more days of waiting won't kill me. I am super excited to invest in another "Crackling Wood" scented candle, browse the agendas and treat myself to one of the Starbucks drinks mentioned above.

 This Buzzfeed article/photography project of children all around the world with their toys is amazing. So many similarities and contrasts within in the pictures. Some of the pictures remind me that my annoyance and whining about Wi-Fi and MacBook hard drive are pretty okay problems to have in the scheme of things. And others just make me smile, because kids are adorable. 

It's only 7 p.m. and I am conflicted between being extremely bored and wishing I had plans (or someone that lived less than 5 hours away that I could make plans with) and being incredibly thankful that I don't have to wear real pants. 


  1. week from 2-5 (maybe only the early part of the week) the holiday drinks are buy one get one free!!! go get em, girlie!! xx

  2. I live 70 miles from a Starbucks and was wishing it was closer this morning!

  3. I so wish that Starbucks delivered!!!