Tuesday, 19 November 2013

God Wiped My Hard Drive

Today was a rough day. 

I went to pick up my MacBook and the guy informed me that he couldn't salvage anything off the hard drive. He started trying to transfer some basic files over but then it really quit and there was nothing else he could do. Not the end of the world, 90% of the stuff that was on there is either pretty easy to replace or not of any value. The other 10% was the last pictures of my old camp. I have some hardcopies but not all of them. 

I thought I'd make myself feel a little better by getting the first Candy Cane Hot Chocolate of the season from Tim Horton's. Except that that particular story hadn't received their CCHC supplies yet. I must have looked absolutely heartbroken because the lady taking my order kept apologizing and suggested a regular hot chocolate with a mint shot and whip cream on top. I agreed and although it was a pretty good substitute it just wasn't the exact pick me up I was anticipating.

Made it home and went to quickly check my e-mail on my phone before I assessed the laptop situation. I was hoping for nice blog comments or something along those lines to boost my mood. Instead I got an e-mail that was kind of passive-aggressive and annoyed from someone who I've had a lot of patience with and done a lot for lately, but they needed something done ASAP. I took a deep breath before replying as sweetly as possible that I would make some calls first thing tomorrow morning and see what I could do for them. Then I took a lot more deep breaths.

Decided to evaluate the laptop situation but when I went to sign in it wouldn't accept my password. I didn't get too concerned and figured the guy had just changed it called him up and explained the problem...after a few minutes of discussion he realized that what must have happened was when he tried to move the basic files from the old hard drive to the new one it got as far as my User ID and profile picture (as well as my password hint) but didn't register the actual password...I'll be making a return trip tomorrow afternoon so he can work some magic and restore it to factory settings. 

I tried to find the humour in the whole situation by reminding myself that I've been praying a lot lately for change and a fresh start. God wiped my hard drive, voila fresh start.

On that note I am going to take a long hot shower, get into to some jogging pants and treat myself to a Vanilla Coke while watching The Princess Bride. 

And take some more deep breaths. Lots and lots of deep breaths. 


  1. I've lost everything on my laptop before, including years of non-backed up pics. I feel ya girl. Although you handled it much better than I did!

  2. Sorry you had such a crappy day! The Princess Bride is always a nice fix, though. Love that movie. ;)

  3. God always has his reasons - good for you for handling it so well. Keep your head up girl :)

  4. that's a bummer! Hopefully the vanilla cake and pajamas helped somewhat!

  5. Oh no! What a frustrating day! I really hope your computer issues get figured out. What a blessing that you're (mostly) able to view it as a gift from God.

  6. Nothing worse than that feeling of knowing you lost everything on a computer. Enjoy your vanilla coke and your movie, and hopefully the next Tim's you visit will have the candy cane hot chocolate. If not, I totally recommend the candy cane hot chocolate from Second Cup. More expensive, but more delicious in my opinion. :-)

  7. I'm sorry this happened to you! I hope that you can come to find some good out such a crappy situation. I LOVE Timmy Ho's (yes, that's what I call it - no shame lol) candy cane hot chocolate... I have been craving it so bad!! Hope you get one soon girl! :)