Saturday, 12 September 2015

Blogtember 2015: September Currently

Reading... I started Yes Please by Amy Poehler last night!

Playing... I've rediscovered my love of Sporcle. Name all the states and all the countries are my favourite. 
Watching... I've been watching a hodge podge of shows lately. I haven't found anything new that I'm in love with so I'm sticking to re-runs of Friends and a smattering of cooking shows that never disappoint. 
Trying... Not to rush myself and just let life unfold. 
Cooking... This week I made pasta, tacos, breakfast for supper and steak with a whole lot of veggies.
Eating... Exactly what I've been cooking! Along with popcorn as an evening snack.
Drinking... Starbucks Lime Refreshers. Seriously delicious. 
Calling... Nobody on a regular basis.
Texting... H. and R. and J. Sometimes N. 
Pinning... Project Life inspiration and Sparks meeting plans. 
Tweeting... Not a thing. 
Going... Florida in the fall has been postponed so I don't have any immediate travel plans.
Loving... I just found out a friend of mine is moving back home. I'm so excited to have someone close to home to go hiking with and have coffee dates with!
Hating... the end of summer. 
Discovering... I can't think of any major discoveries! 
Thinking... I don't think I've stopped thinking this month! I've also been doing a lot of writing/doodling so thankfully all this thinking (so far) isn't leading to a whole lot of anxiety. 
Feeling... Many things...excitement over how many possibilities there are, scared/worried about choosing from the possibilities, a little overwhelmed...I definitely feel like I'm in a season of change.
Hoping (for)... Good things!
Listening (to)... Only the country radio station when I'm driving. 
Celebrating... The little things. 
Smelling... I'm enjoying the last of my watermelon lemonade candle. I think it's just about time to retire the summer scents in favour of something a little more fall friendly. 
Ordering... Chicken Tacos! I don't eat out all that often but when I do I choose chicken tacos.
Thanking... God! 
Considering... So many things! It feels like I've spent a lot of time brainstorming and make pro/con lists and generally just putting pen to paper and emptying my brain!
Starting... I'm hoping to start Smash/Scrapbooking this summer once I get my photos. 
Finishing... Yesterday I finished the puzzle I was working on! 

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