Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Confession Session

Monday I planned our Sparks meeting around the 'Being Healthy' badge. We talked about the food groups and cut out pictures of healthy food from the grocery flyers and glued it to paper plates. Then we did a "Healthy Snack Taste Test" and rated our favourite healthy snacks (tomatoes, cucumber, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and raisins). In a classic moment of "do as I say not as I do" I ended up eating McDonalds's for supper because I forgot the bank closed at 5 and had to rush out of the house at 4:15 in order to put the cookie money into our account.

I don't understand the re-branding phenomenon. Or why everyone is blogging full time. My bloglovin' feed used to be full of travel tales, work mishaps, kid stories and glimpses into everyday life. Now it's overflowing with lessons on when to post on Instagram, where to find stock photos and how to edit photos so they get added to Pinterest. On the bright side there should be an abundance of job postings out in the world because from what I can tell everyone has abandoned their full time jobs in order to spend their days attracting followers and woo-ing brands. 

I have a lot of hippies vegans vegetarians  people with strong opinions about food in my life  on my social media. And that's fine, because I too have some strong opinions about food. The problem is that my strong opinions on food are pretty much the opposite of whats on trend in the food world right now. Earlier this week when I saw one too many photos of a gluten/carb/dairy/meat/sugar free meal captioned with "listen to your body". I confess it took a lot of willpower not to participate in the reply/comment section with a snarky "my body enjoys a balanced diet that includes cheese".

I was super proud of myself for delegating a big part of Spark stuff this week...and then I found out that it wasn't done so I had to do it this morning. I'm trying really hard not to be angry about it, but I am because other people not doing their work and leaving me no other choice than to do it is not okay. Let's hope this was a one time incident and next month goes smoother.

I put my Project Life album together yesterday afternoon even though there's still a whole month and a half left before 2016 starts but I couldn't ignore the siren's call of the Michael's bag in my room any longer. And one of the nice stay at home mom's/professional scrapbooker suggest it on YouTube so I listened to her advice.

Can I quit my job to scrapbook? Will someone pay me to do that? 

I'll leave with my last confession that is I'm not feeling motivated enough to find a photo to include in this post, which according to at least four posts I see on my blog feed today makes me a bad blogger. But I think I'll live so I'm not too worried about it. 

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