Thursday, 19 November 2015

November Currently

Reading... Not a darn thing...I really need to do something about that, it's been a weird month. 
Playing... J. and I have been playing Trivial Pursuit Steal. I've kind of been itching to re-kindle my love of playing The Sims, but I haven't actually played. 
Watching... On TV it's Leave it to Bryan, Hockey Wives and The Curse of Oak Island. On YouTube I'm all about the "Project Life Process Videos".
Trying... To get all of my Christmas shopping done before the stores get busy. 
Cooking... A lot of chicken! In the form of chicken parm, tacos, chicken and rice and standard roasted chicken breast. 
Eating... Nothing really sticks out this month (other than all the chicken). I have been making more of an effort to eat breakfast which usually consists of an english muffin with sausage and cheddar cheese. 
Drinking...  Coffee, water, pop, chocolate milk, chai and peppermint tea. Apparently I've been drinking a lot of different beverages this month! 
Calling... Nobody! Which is great, I hate calling people. 
Texting... My phone is nearing the end of it's life so I haven't been using it as much lately. When I do it's to communicate with the usual suspects - H. & R., J. and N. 
Pinning... Inspiration for Project Life and ideas for Sparks. 
Tweeting... I'm going to get better at this, perhaps in 2016 because I don't see it happening in the next few weeks. 
Going... Florida in January! Tickets are officially booked. 
Loving... Exchanging e-mails with Alex, her & I have been paired together for the Blogging Elite Christmas swap! 
Hating... The weather. The leaves are all off the trees and the pretty part of fall has come to an end. Now it's just grey, cold, damp and dreary outside. And also I didn't read any books this month. 
Discovering... Everyone and their grandmother has an opinion about Disney World!
Thinking... I am pretty excited that the only thing on my to do list today is catching up on TV shows!
Feeling... Things are starting to level out but I still need to get better at balancing things. 
Hoping (for)... Success. And that Anna Duggar recovers from the whole mess and goes on to lead a happy life with all the freedom she's entitled to as a human being. 
Listening (to)... Vinyl Cafe Podcasts. Someday I will see Stuart MacLean live and it will be fantastic. 
Celebrating... J.'s birthday was earlier this month 
Smelling... Bath & Body Works 'flannel' candle. 
Ordering... Nothing, because shipping to Canada is ridiculous. In the past few weeks I've tried to order $4 planner stickers only to discover shipping to Canada was going to cost me $12. And I found the cutest Christmas ornament for J. that was on clearance for $10 but shipping was $25. 
Thankful for... I have some awesome little Sparks and those Sparks are being raised by some awesome parents. I am so thankful that (so far) I've been dealing with awesome parents who are really appreciative and genuinely nice people. 
Considering... My options. Evaluating the big picture and figuring out how I can do the things I want to do and live where I want to live. 
Starting... Planning for a Spark/Brownie camp in the new year and to think about what my game plan is going to be in terms of camp life. 
Finishing... I'm almost done my list of 52 things I want to do in 2016. I still need about ten more things but I'm hoping to be finished by the end of this month. 

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