Monday, 16 November 2015

It's All Food & Games

Friday I headed to our community market (think farmer's market, but much smaller) and luckily the samosa people were there so I got to have a delicious supper. I live in a really small town so our market only happens once a month and the vendors aren't always the same. Much to my happiness the people with the samoas were there on Friday and it kind of made my weekend. I also bought some soft pretzels that escaped being photographed because I was too busy eating them. 

I spent the rest of Friday night watching Friends and reading up on Florida. Our November road trip didn't work out but we have plane tickets all booked to go in January. We haven't made any firm plans yet but I spent about an hour reading about Disney World before I felt completely overwhelmed and needed to step far away from Pinterest and helpful bloggers with a million different tips & tricks. If you have any input on the whole Disney thing that doesn't start with "plan your trip five years in advance" I would love to hear it. It's by no means a mandatory part of our trip and realistically we would only want to spend one day (maybe two days) there. There's also the fact that neither J. or I like rides so I'm a little unconvinced that we need to spend that kind of money to walk around a park all day. 

Saturday morning I had an appointment at the bank to finally switch names around on the Sparks account. I will be sooo happy to hand all the financial stuff over the the other leader tonight trying to do that and plan meetings was way too much. I love Guiding, but it can not be my full time job.

Saturday evening J. and I made chicken parmesan for supper and got sucked into a marathon of The Curse of Oak Island on History Channel. We tore ourselves away long enough to make a trip to the mall so I could use another Bath & Body Works coupon and a 50% off coupon I had for Michael's. I'm happy to report my candle stash is full and I have all the necessary pieces to document life using Project Life next year!

We got home and watched more Oak Island because it's just so darn cool. I'm fascinated by the whole thing and can't wait to watch the new season. It premiered last night but I wasn't staying up until 11 o'clock to watch it so it's on my list for this afternoon. Since we had seen most of the episodes before we played Trivial Pursuit Steal while we watched with proved to teach us that neither of us know anything about Broadway plays. 

Sunday I spent far too long trying to choose twelve photos to make a calendar for my grandparent's Christmas present. I thought I had plenty but really I didn't take a whole lot of photos last year and even though I had a lot there wasn't a lot of variety, almost all of them were taken on the same three days so they all kind of looked the same once I put them side by side. At one point my mother, brother and I were crowded around my laptop arguing over which photos to use and which to omit. After two hours of the same debate I saved it as was and walked away. I'll take another look this evening with fresh eyes and I'm positive I can have it finished, ordered and crossed off my to do list by tomorrow. 

For the first time since September a full list of things to blog about this week! I also have two nights of the week committed to Guiding and what feels like an exorbitant amount of things on my to do list. 

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