Thursday, 12 November 2015

Thursday Stuff

I don't know how my to do list got so long this week but it is out of control. Monday I had my usual Spark meeting which was more chaotic than usual because when I got there I found another group using the hall. They were equally as surprised to see me as I was to see them, luckily I arrived a few minutes early and determined I would have to use an adjacent room for the night. Luckily our "craft" for the night was play-doh sculptures so I didn't have to start dragging our supplies from one place to another.  Next week is our district meeting so I had to complete the unit report and financial report and send those off to the secretary and the treasurer. I made a trip to town for very specific groceries needed for the church tea & sale this weekend and in the process learned that there are many different kinds of canned pineapple. Yesterday I was in town again for the Remembrance Day ceremony and then spent the afternoon working on decluttering more stuff.

The thought of acquiring anymore stuff during Christmas is so unappealing. I think I've got J. on board with doing something extra when we go on vacation in January. I am tempted to add a FitBit to my Christmas list but I'm not convinced all the way. So if you have a FitBit feel free to offer me your advice/suggestions. I know I don't want the super fancy one, but I would kind of like to have the time on my wrist? 

I've eaten garlic bread for three meals over the course of the past two days and I'm not even sad because it's delicious and if toast can be a meal then so can garlic bread. This item probably should have been saved for next weeks Confessions but it's a thing that's happening now and come next week it's entirely possible I'll have forgotten about my current garlic bread obsession.  

I'm feeling oddly excited about 2016, I assume its partly because I like the number 16, but that really shouldn't be enough to make me excited. By rights I shouldn't be excited and the thought of another year full of short term contract/seasonal jobs makes me want to pack it up and join the circus. Or become a farmer, I'm flexible. 

I was going to ramble on for a bit longer but there are concert tickets going on sale in five minutes and as long as I can secure two of them I will be able to cross my mother's Christmas present off of my to do list (so wish me luck)! 

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