Sunday, 8 March 2015

March Currently

Making: Lots of lists! 
Cooking: Work is still interfering with a lot of cooking time, but I did get to make some mac & cheese and I did some experimenting with chicken alfredo pizza. 
Eating: I've been eating a lot of pasta lately. It's been so cold out that a belly full of hot pasta is exactly what I want. 
Drinking:  Still doing good getting my daily water in take. I've also been drinking a lot of chai tea, my daily cup of coffee and the occasional pop. 
Reading: Just blogs. I am looking for some recommendations though! I'm going to have lots of time to read while on vacation this month so I'm definitely packing some books. So far The Fringe Hours is my #1 reading priority but I'd love to hear your suggestions!
Wishing: The snow would hurry up and melt! It's been -25 here all week and I'm ready for sunshine & warmth!
Appreciating: Having a steady, well paying job. 
Waiting: To start packing for my trip!  
Enjoying: Sunday nights with J. watching Friends. Is there any better way to relax after working 7 days straight and preparing to work another 6 in a row?
Wondering: When I'm going to find time to get a hair cut and go to the mall to pick up a few things. 
Loving: Anything that involves the words "sea salt & caramel".
Hoping: The next 6 weeks will go by quickly!
Needing: I need to get a hair cut, buy a new pair of TOMS, clean my room, do laundry...I need to tackle some things on my to do list.
Smelling: Coffee. 
Wearing: Leggings, sweaters and Uggs. I can't wait to wear shoes that aren't my Uggs. The weather lately is making that totally impossible though. 
Following: Up with things! Checking in with someone once is good, checking in again is better. 
Noticing: The days are getting a little longer and the sky is a little less grey and a little more blue!
Knowing: Winter will end. (Just not soon enough.)
Thinking: The above balance is going to be hard to reach. 
Feeling Anxious About: I'm nervous about my trip. It's the biggest one I've ever gone on and although I'm really excited, there are also a lot of aspects that I find myself worrying about. 
Watching: I've been watching Full House on Netflix. I plan to watch the new season of Survivor and catch up with The Middle & Criminal Minds at some point this month. 
Listening to: Right the very second 'Oprah: Where Are They Now" but in general I've been listening to the radio a lot. 
Obsessing: My love for sea salt & carmel grows by the day. 
Celebrating: March is my grandfather's birthday! 
Shopping for: TOMS, flip flops, maybe another bathing suit.  
Learning: A lot about myself and the things I need!
Talking About: Still a lot of camp related stuff. Plus vacation plans. 
Praying: Balance. I just ordered The Fringe Hours and can't wait for it to get here. Before camp happens I need to get better at balancing me time and social time and work time.
Working on: Being more aware, choosing my words wisely, crossing things off to do lists...
Looking forward to: My trip! 

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  1. We have a lot of things in common! ;) I have so many lists, to do lists, food lists! So many lists! lol