Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Confession Session

I consider myself to be a 'soda snob' if I'm going to drink an unhealthy carbonated beverage it needs to be Coke or Pepsi. I won't waste the indulgence/calories on no name store band pop. On the flip side of that I think store brand potato chips are far superior to any of the big brand names.

If I see a preview for a blog post and I can tell that the post is about trying to sell me something, a lengthy list of things I'm doing wrong as a blogger or a bunch of photos of someone posing in the same outfit without any context I don't bother to read. 

When clothes get a little hole in them or a stain I don't throw them out, I save them to wear at camp. Because camp clothes need to be clothes that you don't mind getting dirty/possibly ruined. One day last week I was getting ready for work, grabbed a pair of leggings to wear and neglected to notice/remember they were 'camp leggings'. I spent the whole day at work trying to bunch the leggings/have my sweater dress down far enough so that nobody noticed the hole in my pants. Lesson learned.

The other day I bought a new bathing suit for my trip and then I proceeded to go to A&W and eat a Teen Burger for lunch. I have no shame, or any real regrets. 

I've been rewatching Full House on Netflix and I was blown away when I discovered Jesse was only 25/26 in the first few seasons of that show. He always seemed like such a grown up! But I'm 25 and I do not feel like a grown up 75% of the time.

My co-workers have started listening to the radio at work. It's the most pop music I've listened to in years and it's slowly killing my soul. 

I'm so excited for my trip that I want to start packing like now. Except that it's still 37 days away and it seems a little too soon. 

That's all I've got for today. I'm linking up my confessions with Melissa and so should you!


  1. Is it bad that I sometimes feel like I am still 18 and when I realize I am 25 I get a little freaked out? I don't feel like a grown up yet ha ha! I might be a mom, in college, and working.. but at heart I am still young ;D Where is your trip to? That's exciting!

  2. I had no idea Jesse was like 25!! He totally seemed way older than that. I loved that show.