Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Things That Make Me Weird

Happy Wednesday! I have plans to go outside and appreciate spring weather after work...but there seems to be some sort of rain storm happening outside. The universe is against me. The good news is that tomorrow is really Friday! And soon I will be jumping in my car, with an iced coffee in the cup holder and Luke Bryan on my iPod headed far, far away from the city for a whole 3 nights.
Moving on to the main point of this post...things that make me weird when compared to most of my peers.
  • There isn't a cell in my body that finds the idea of being massaged or touched by a random stranger inviting or relaxing. I have no interest in paying somebody to paint my toes or massage my back or apply goop to my face. Spending a day at a spa sounds like torture. Awkward, uncomfortable torture.
  • I would rather sit alone in a cardboard box than spend a night at a crowded club and wasting money on expensive drinks. $7 for a drink?! That's like 1/4 of my grocery budget for a week. That's almost a full hour of work! Just for something you're going to drink and never see again!
  • I tune out as soon as someone starts ranting about feminism and raising girls to be powerful career women. If that's what you want good for you. I'm hoping & praying the majority of my "prime working years" are spent raising babies. And if some of those babies want to be CEOs that's great. But if they want to be spouses and parents that's great too. I shouldn't be made to feel bad because I want to be a mom and not a business woman.
  • Another contributing factor to my dislike of the bar scene is I hate rap/techno/dubstep/whatever you want to call it music. Why is there so much swearing? Why is it so loud? I much prefer my dance parties to involve 90's pop and Taylor Swift.
  • I love names. And have very strong opinions on which names I do and don't like. Sometimes the only difference between a name I do and do not like is spelling. Isaiah = Good. Izaia = Terrible. Spell names correctly.
  • I kind of want it to rain on my wedding day. I really want a photo of me in my wedding dress and rubber boots standing in a puddle. I also would like to get married outside (at camp). I'm not sure how well those two things mix.
What makes you weird  interesting? Confess your quirks and link up with Kathy! And then join Liz for The Hump Day Blog Hop!
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  1. noooooooo!! i live for massages!! but hey, that's cool. i can't stand it when people try to touch my face; yes that actually happens and i'm like: BACK OFF!!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I would love to have a massage. Perferably from my man although he needs to work on his technique but still.... and I love a pedicure any day of the week. heck every day to have my feet done would be great. You're missing out.

    Just letting you know I'm following you. Would to have you come check me out and hopefully follow me back

  3. I felt so awkward the only time I got a massage. But it was actually pretty great and I was relaxed for a good week after it. I'd go again if I find the money. It is one of those things I consider "frivolous" so I only do it if I've got lots of expendable income.

  4. I am definitely not a club person- no thanks! I didn't even like it when I was younger!