Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Let It Goooo


I confess that I chose "Let it Go" as the title of this post so that I had an excuse to listen to the song while I write.

While we're on the topic..."Let it Go" is not my favourite song from Frozen. (Fixer Upper for the win!)

I should really go buy groceries after work...but I don't need groceries. There is enough food in my cupboards/fridge for me to eat the rest of the week. I may be eating perogies and spring rolls for supper Friday night but that's okay.

A month ago I signed up to go to this open house/networking type event that is sort of related to work, but not really. It starts Friday night at 6 and ends Sunday afternoon. It's either going to be really awesome or really not awesome.

I'm moving to camp for the summer in 22 days...I'm not even sure how time went by so fast. And I have no idea how I'm going to get everything checked off on my "Pre-Camp To Do List" in the next 22 days.

I have a major fast food craving happening but I'm trying to resist. Even though it's hard, because food and weird groceries.

I'm moving out of my apartment next weekend so I'm purposely not buying mass quantities of groceries that I will then either have to leave behind for the roomies or pack. And I draw the line at suitcases full of frozen chicken breasts and half full containers of sour cream.

I started writing this Tuesday night and now it's Wednesday evening and I still haven't hit publish. So I'm just going to keep on confessing.

Every week I tell myself I'm going to start eating breakfast. And every week 'eating breakfast' translates to coffee.

I am really freaking excited to watch Deadliest Catch while eating popcorn just as soon as I've waited an acceptable amount of time between supper and snacking.

For those of you dying to know…I did not go to the grocery store after work. I remembered I had pasta, broccoli and alfredo sauce…I can't promise perogies and spring rolls won't happen at some point. 

Also, I'm pretty sure I love Kathy's link up so much because it's basically an excuse for me to ramble about my ridiculous thoughts, slap a button on and call it a post. 


  1. Ha isn't that part of what is so great about link-ups! They give you the ability for an easy yet entertaining post.

    Oh, and perogis for dinner sounds like an AWESOME idea.

  2. haha i love that you love this linkup! it's such a great way to ramble, not worry about proper phrasing or any of that jazz. thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I always tell myself that i'm gonna get up earlier and never do it. I love sleep way too much

  4. I have the opposite problem with breakfast! I feel like I'm the hungriest then and have to limit myself...I could also eat breakfast food at any time of the day.