Thursday, 3 April 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy

I love lists. I love things. It only makes sense that lists of things I love make me extraordinarily happy! So I'm obviously joining in with Erin  and Sarah to list 32 things that make me happy!

  1. Dinosaurs
  2. ooVoo dates with H. & R.
  3. Office Supplies
  4. Inspirational Quotes
  5. Luke Bryan
  6. Frogs
  7. Puns
  8. Jumping in puddles
  9. Vanilla Coke
  10. New Crayons/Colouirng Books
  11. Driving Country Roads
  12. Converse High Top Sneakers
  13. Comfy pants
  14. Curly hair
  15. Cuddling
  16. Camp
  17. Camouflage
  18. Country Music
  19. Things that start with the letter 'C'
  20. Veggie Tales
  21. Cooking
  22. Handwritten notes/cards.
  23. Iced Coffee
  24. Homemade mac & cheese
  25. Sunshine
  26. Thunder & Lightning Storms
  27. Batman
  28. Reading
  29. Reality TV
  30. Writing
  31. Poetry
  32. Blogging! 
Just making that list made me smile! And now I'm off to enjoy a delicious supper followed by one of my most favourite/happiest things an ooVoo date with H. & R. ! 

Happy Thursday! 


  1. I just read your list and thought "wow, I could've added like half of those to mine!" haha. we have a lot in common :)

  2. ah i think we are close to the same person. i cant even believe i forgot luke bryan. i need to go remove something on my list and add him! ;)

    xo, Samantha