Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Ask Reddit Q & A

Most of my guilty pleasures revolve around junk food and trashy reality TV and I mostly indulge in them in moderation. I do have a daily indulgence and that is reading Reddit. I don't have an account so I've never actively participated in the site but there are half a dozen subreddits I check out on a daily basis and another dozen I peruse once and awhile. One of my dailies is Ask Reddit... and it occurred to me that it would also make for good blog fodder now and again to answer the some of the top questions.

What Product Do You Like That Has Been Discontinued?
The obvious answer for this is Vanilla Coke because it is darn near impossible to find here in Canada.

What Is One YouTube Video That Never Fails To Cheer You Up?
I love the Swedish Chef. He's my spirit animal, he bops around the kitchen mumbling and singing to himself, making a mess and doing somewhat questionable things. 

What Obscure Thing Do You Know?
Sometimes I think the only thing I know is obscure things! Trivia games have been banned from our friend group until further notice because I always win. It's not because I'm particularly book smart but I watch a lot of documentaries, listen to history podcasts and read a lot and have a really good memory. 

What Current Trend Do You Wish Would Be Dead Now?
Experts. Somehow we've entered a society where everyone needs to be an expert about the thing they're interested in and there's no such thing as being mildly interested in anything. 

What's Your Favourite Foreign Language Song?
I think my actual answer for this is "Kumbaya" because it makes me feel all kinds of happy and nostalgic. There is also a song called 'Saskatchewan" by Les Trois Accords that we used to listen to a lot in high school that has a lot of good memories attached.

Your Brain Is Like "Inside Out", Which Five Emotions Are In Headquarters?
Curious, Nervous, Joy, Sorrow & Concern.

What Are The Best Christmas Movies?
National Lampoon Christmas Vacation will always be my favourite. Elf is a close second. If we're also talking about Christmas Specials than I'm also going with Charlie Brown's Christmas and Muppet Family Christmas. 

What Are You Bad At?
Asking for help and being confident. 

What Is The Weirdest Thing In Your Wallet?
My wallet is usually pretty organized, the weirdest thing in there right now is probably a store discount card that expired back in June. My purse on the other hand...there's usually some weird stuff in there. 

What Was Your Senior Quote?

My yearbook quote was from Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. I remember agonizing over the decision and even though it's not something that comes up often I am still really happy with my choice. "You be you & I'll be me, today & today & today, and let's trust the future to tomorrow. Let the stars keep track of us. Let us ride our own orbits & trust that they will meet. May our reunion be not a finding but a sweet collision of destinies. Love & Love & Love Again."

Are you a causal Reddit browser? Do you remember your senior quote? It's not something I think about daily but this question peeked my curiosity! 

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