Thursday, 15 December 2016

A List of Stuff & Things For My Future Husband

I was browsing the big wide world of Bloglovin' recently and came across this listicle "May You Not Be Weird and 30 Other Prayers for my Future Husband" and it made me giggle. And I was a little nostalgic for that time I wrote out a list of everything my 'perfect' boy would be...and then he appeared a few weeks later. A few months after that we had, what I've come to classify as a 'whirlwind summer romance' and it ended because I forgot to include 'looking for a serious long term relationship' on my list. Okay, there were other reasons why it didn't last forever but I like to think that little omission also played a part. 

After that mess was cleaned up (it didn't end well) I decided to abandon the list and let the universe bring me something. The universe brought me J. who was essentially the anti-list. I went with it for awhile but at the 18 month mark it became clear that it was not what I wanted. Now, six months after that relationship ended I'm ready to return to the list philosophy. 

  1. I hope you exist, and I meet you before my 30th birthday. 
  2. May you be ready for marriage and looking for a serious relationship.
  3. I hope you want multiple children and are open to the idea of adoption and/or being a foster parent.
  4. I hope you're a camp person. That you can teach me one new campfire song and own a minimum of two tie-dye t-shirts.
  5. You need to own a pair of work boots.
  6. Please don't expect me to be in constant contact with you. I need to fuel my inner introvert and be able to spend time with friends without my phone. 
  7. May you know the value of a hard day's work.
  8. May you believe in something bigger than yourself.
  9. It would cool if you were an RCMP officer, social worker, farmer or camp professional. 
  10. It would also be nice if you shared my love of Disney.
  11. I hope you love outdoor adventures and watching Netflix. Balance is important. 
  12. You need to be financially responsible. I don't expect you to be a millionaire but you also shouldn't have mounds of consumer debt.
  13. It's worth saying that I've always had a thing for males who play guitar. Especially if you can play Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls and/or a selection of country ballads. 
  14. You're probably going to need to be a meat eater if you're going to attend my family gatherings.
  15. I hope you know the value of eating vegetables, but also be open to eating chicken strips & french fries on special occasions.
  16. I hope you are involved in your community, that you know your neighbours and they refer to you as the 'nice young fella down the road'.
  17. Know that I'm using the term neighbours loosely, I expect you to be a a country boy.
  18. I hope you are passionate about something other than making money.
  19. May you meet the high standards of H. & R. and remember I loved them first.
  20. May you be compassionate, humble and kind to others.
  21. It would also be cool if you drove a truck. 
  22. May you be blessed with a working knowledge of  basic vehicle and home repairs. 
  23. And a desire to assemble any furniture that may come in multiple pieces.
  24. Please be accepting of the fact most my skills conform to gender stereotypes. 
  25. I hope you appreciate the little things in life. 
  26. I hope you are surrounded by a good friend group.
  27. I hope you love my quirks.
  28. I hope I love your quirks.
  29. To echo the inspiration for this updated list, "I hope you think the idea of praying for your future-but-maybe-doesn't-exist spouse is kind of silly but also sweet". 
Do/did you have a list of requirements for your future spouse?

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