Wednesday, 10 June 2015

June Currently

When I read through blog entries be it my own or other bloggers the posts I find most interesting aren't tales of weekend getaways, exotic vacations or special events. I love reading about people's normal, every day lives. Currently posts are no exception so when I saw Bailey Jean's list of Currently prompts I decided I'd answer them for myself. Side note; if you're not reading Bailey Jean's blog Brave Love you need to start. She writes so beautifully about her faith, her goals and her many creative projects. Go check her out! (Then come back and read the rest of this post :) )

Reading... I've been re-reading The Poisionwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.
Playing... This week I played a lot of 
Watching... I just bought the fourth season of Call the Midwife. I'm too impatient to wait for it to be released on Netflix.
Trying... to balance getting work done and staying on top of things with taking a break.
Cooking... Later on this afternoon I'm going to cook up a big batch of sausage, mushrooms and rice to have in the freezer for meals this week. 
Eating... The usual camp food. 
Drinking... Lots of lime infused water and iced coffee and the occasional can of pop. 
Calling... J. every night before bed. 
Texting... The usual group convo with H. & R. and occasionally N. and often J. 
Pinning... Quotes and ideas for camp crafts and games. 
Tweeting... I don't remember the last time I tweeted something. 
Going... Home next session break! 
Loving... This summer.
Hating... Our currently lack of lifeguard, which means we haven't been swimming.
Discovering... A new favourite spot at camp where I can observe the groundhog family that lives here and enjoy the outdoors. 
Thinking... About my to do list and what I need to do before session starts. 
Feeling... Rested. 
Hoping (for)... A good week! And that we find a lifeguard. 
Listening (to)... I'm really loving the catchiness of Sangria by Blake Shelton. With the campers though we've been listening to lots of 90s pop. 
Celebrating... A successful start to the summer! 
Smelling... The end of session smell of bleach and cleanliness. Mixed with freshly mowed grass.
Thanking... Many people for many things
Considering... Adventuring to town for frozen yogurt. I had root beer frozen yogurt the other day and it was delicious and amazing and I want to eat it every day.
Starting... To get caught up with reading blogs and then starting this week's staff appreciation treats.
Finishing... writing this blog post! 

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