Tuesday, 9 June 2015

You're Going to Rock It

While the vast majority of people are beginning their weeks today, mine is ending. Our first camp session ended today and I'm making time to blog about the week. We had some major and minor hiccups this week and some of our most popular programs didn't run. I am totally blown away by how amazing it was all handled by the counsellors though. What was a sucky situation to begin with could have been made so much worse had it not been for their positivity and upbeat attitudes. If the first week is any indication it's going to be a wonderful summer.

The week started off a little bitter sweet. I was so excited about this year's staff. It really is an awesome group of people. One of my goals this summer is to actually make some of those Pinterest things I've pinned and make an effort to show staff appreciation. For week one I went super simple but I think it was still a cute gesture and it went over well. I stuck the little note and candy in everyone's warm and fuzzy envelope. It was also my first Day 1 without H. & R. so to combat a little bit of that sadness the three of us wore matching socks as we went about our respective days. 

Since this session break is only two days long I'm sticking around camp rather than drive 6 hours home. My first night off was fully of tidying my room, reading, a long and leisurely phone call with J. and then sleeping for a solid 9 hours. Today I went into town to run a few errands, stroll through a few stores and pick up some groceries.

This evening I have a Skype date planned with H. & R. (as long as the internet cooperates). If the rain holds off I will take my camera and go for a stroll around camp and take in the sunset.

Tomorrow will be spent doing a lot of quiet reading and napping. I have a ton of blogs to catch up with and a few posts I want to write. Turns out I'm getting pretty good at this whole self-care and making myself a priority thing.

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