Thursday, 18 June 2015

You Probably Don't Know...

I've been filling my little corner of blog land with lists, stories and photos for almost three and a half years now. I've shared a lot over the years and there's still so much more about me and my life that hasn't been mentioned. I also love a good list (you probably already knew that though) I'm joining Helene's link up today to tell the world some things you probably don't know about me (yet).

... The primary reason I am organized and prepared is because I hate feeling rushed. I don't like to keep other people waiting and I think being constantly late is flat out impolite.

... I love spicy foods. It has to be a flavourful spicy though, not just throwing a cup of Siracha on everything for the sake of spice.

... I've always loved the idea of having a koi pond in the backyard. I have no idea where this desire came from, but it's always been there.

... I recently discovered a new favourite afternoon snack, cucumber slices with a sprinkle of sea salt. So delicious and so simple.

... I have a really, really good memory for people. I remember names and interests and other things various associations with people without really having to try. Sometimes it's awkward because someone mentions once and then four months later I bring it up in conversation and make myself look like a crazy stalker.

... The second session of camp ended today and then I drove home for the break. My head is consumed with thoughts of bedtime and a sturdy and reliable internet connection.

...I'll be back tomorrow with some of my favourite things from this past week. (You probably could have guessed that.)

The excitement I feel about being able to sleep for a full 9 hours and do so in my own bed is indescribable in this moment.

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