Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bumble Bee Philosophy

Saturday afternoon I spent some time hanging out with myself and my camera. As I sat on the picnic table with my camera hoping to catch a glimpse of the family of groundhogs that like to hang around our property I noticed a bumble bee zig zagging between the random wild flowers.

I started clicking away trying to capture the impressive balance  of purpose, busyness, beauty and calm the little bee displayed as it when about it's business. My attempts to capture the bee were largely unsuccessful. And now taking the 'perfect' bumble bee picture has somehow crept into my summer to-do list.

I've always appreciated bees. Maybe it stems from a childhood love of Winne-the-Pooh or maybe it's got more to do with their contrasting bright yellow and black shapes. Whatever the case may be seeing one buzzing by doing it's thing makes me really happy. I was googling suggestions on how exactly to photograph bees and I came across this quote:
An instant new favourite as far as I'm concerned. Camp is a collective of small teaspoons. All mixed together to form something big. And sometimes when the 1/12 of a teaspoon is emptying a garbage can, cleaning spilled paint off the floor or cutting out 45 construction paper stars so that every camper goes home with an award it doesn't feel like you're doing much. I fully intend on writing that quote on a post it and putting it where I can see it everyday this summer. 

I thought this quote made a good point too, especially in the midst of making time for me this summer and practicing good self care. Spending my time wisely and being busy for the right reasons. 
That's my bumble bee philosophy for the day. And odds are it will probably be a reoccurring theme for the summer. 

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