Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Two Cups of Coffee

Getting enough sleep is something I've really been working on lately. I know I function best when I get a solid 8-9 hours, not to mention I'm a much happier person. I can function without that much, someday I'll regale you all with the time at camp when I went 72 hours with only a few hour long naps in there because of a busy week and a particularly challenging camper. I ended up being sent to bed my direction after I declared I was going to jump in the shower real quick with a bagel in my hand. And then sighed and said something along the lines of "I'm sad my bagel will get soggy". One of my finer camp exhaustion moments for sure. 


My usual bedtime routine involves watching the first 15-20 minutes of the 10 o'clock news downstairs with my parents and then going upstairs to get ready for bed. I brush my teeth, wash my face, put pyjamas on and have my journal/quiet time. By 11 I'm in bed with the lights out. Sometimes I'll end up texting a friend or reading a few blogs that I missed during the day but by 12 I shut it down and declare it "real bedtime". More often than not I'll put on a show with the sleep timer for an hour and I'm never awake long enough to see how it ends. 

Not last night though.

Last night things were going as planned until midnight but I was still feeling really restless, borderline anxious and just couldn't shut my brain off. So I read a chapter of Little Women and then I was still wide awake. So then I read a chapter of Crazy Love. And I was still awake. Wide awake. With such pressing questions as:

I hope all my tossing and turing isn't keeping Peyton awake.
Do I have a blog post scheduled for tomorrow?
I think tomorrow I'll read 1 Peter, it's not a book I think about much but I love the name Peter so I should read the book.
Right now I should go to sleep.
My feet are cold.
I hope the Pioneer Woman had a good birthday today.
I think I want a cheesecake for my birthday cake this year.
I need to find a pair of slippers to fit my tiny feet.
Maybe I should get up, move around a bit then go back to bed.
Nope, too cold. 
What should I have for lunch tomorrow?
I hope Peyton is warm enough.
I should cut my hair.
I could read through my Twitter feed. 
I need to tweet more.
I'm sad Auburn lost. Years of reading southern mommy blogs have made me a SEC fan.
I've never once watched a football game.
If I move to Texas I'll have to go to one.
I hope Tim Tebow does something productive with his life.
Why has Ellen been repeats for so long. I miss her. 
And Tony. I really miss Tony.
It's been awhile since I've had Frosted Flakes.

Somewhere between contemplating a wide variety of breakfast cereals and remembering I don't really like cereal in the first place I fell asleep. At which point I had crazy dreams involving a variety of Food Network Chefs, a marching band from Alabama and Mickey Mouse. And a competition to make the best gravy. Naturally my grandma showed up, made her gravy and beat them all. 

So on that note I'm going to go make my second cup of coffee and probably eat some pizza because it's National Pizza Week and that's something that needs to be celebrated. 

What goes through your mind late at night when you can't fall asleep?


  1. hahaha that always happens to me. I have so much trouble sleeping and I always have the most random thoughts flowing through my mind!

  2. I feel such similar thoughts!!!!! So many same ones from last night...my feet are cold...i'm sad auburn lost..do i have my post scheduled for tomorrow?...what should i have for lunch tmw...YESSSSI I FEEL YOUR MIND! :)

  3. Usually when I can't sleep I focus on one thing, like breakfast and the rest of the food for the day. Or I make up a story til I'm asleep but if my mind still refused I usually get up and do whatever my mind keeps going too. That usually helps.