Thursday, 16 January 2014

I'm A Paradox

My friends tell me all the time that my likes and dislikes don't make sense. There are so many things do/say/like that contradict other things I do/say/like. And I don't consider it a character flaw in the slightest! It just means I don't fit nicely into any particular box. R. put it best when she sent this message  during a typical Facebook chat the other day. I can't remember what the statement was I said before she sent this message but odds are it had something to do with my domestic skills or waiting for my Dad or Brother to get home from work to fix something.

I've been keeping a mental list for awhile now of all my paradoxes and decided I needed to make an actual list. This is what I came up with:

Cerulean blue is my favourite crayon, but I hate the colour blue.

I love salads and smoothies, but I hate when foods touch other foods on my plate.

I love being 'outdoorsy', but I often say my dream job is being a 60s housewife.

I firmly believe that butter is better and margarine is nothing but a flavourless chemical spread, however aspartame be darned I love me some Coke Zero.

I love books & reading, but I enjoyed the Harry Potter movies more than the books.

I love Criminal Minds, but I can't watch scary movies (they give me nightmares for weeks).

I sleep with tons of blankets because I need to warm, but I don't like wearing PJ pants

I insist everyone make a big deal out of my half birthday, but I don't care much about my 'full' birthday.

Reality TV is my favourite, but I've never seen a single episode of The Bachelor.

I love showering, but I can't stand having wet hair, and I refuse to blow dry it.

I love adventures and chaos, but I thrive off routine.

I love TV, but I have no interest in awards shows and what actors win or don't win.

I'm a Christian, but I have some views that don't necessarily mesh with mainstream Christianity.

Summer is by far my favourite season, but I rainy days are my favourite. Bonus points for thunder storm.

I really don't like card games, most of them involve math and stress me out, except Solitaire, I love a good game of Solitaire.

I could go on for days about all my paradoxes and if we ever get the chance to have a conversation I can pretty much guarantee within 10 minutes of less I will contradict myself. You can call me out on it, I don't mind explaining why exactly salad is an exception to the "foods touching rule" but soup is not.

Are you an exception to a rule? Do you embrace it or try to change things?


  1. Haha I love this. I've never seen the Bachelor either, but I love reality tv. Just never got into that particular show for some reason.

  2. I hate reality TV but love The Bachelor... weird? lol I have a TON of paradoxes. I think they just make us who we are.

  3. I agree with your on the points about food touching and showering!

    Maybe we are all a little contradictory at times. :]

  4. We were destined to be matched together, if only because I literally CAN'T get enough of Criminal Minds!

  5. Love this!!! Makes me realize some of my contradictions. But you've never seen the Bachelor?! AHHH! My guilty pleasure. ;)

  6. these are good - I have to comment on the one about being a Christian but not always going with mainstream Christianity - this is important! We can't just go with the flow, we have to make sure everything lines up with the Word. A lot of people just believe any ol preacher that's put on tv and will go along with it because they're a mega church...not cool. by the way, this was a cool post :) i liked it!

  7. After reading this, about 5 of my contradictions ran in my mind. Haha. Love this list Donna! :) I refuse to wear PJ's too! And books are great but sometimes I would rather prefer movies.