Saturday, 11 January 2014

Make Up Must Haves

I'm joining Nikki @ Blushed on a Budget where she's hosting a fun link up all about beauty! Nikki was my partner for The Pretty Little Beauty Swap and she made my first swap experience seriously awesome! You can check out all the goodies she sent me in this post. And then head over and share your beauty related post! 

I'm extremely amateur when it comes to make up. It's safe to say you won't ever find me filming tutorials on how to get the perfect smokey eye any time soon. My look is pretty basic, but I still enjoy playing with those neutral colours and throwing in something fun every once and a while. I decided for this link up I'd share my every day essentials. I don't necessarily use all of these products every day but they're the ones that I always have in my make up bag!

The first thing you probably noticed about my must haves is they're all drug store brand. Partly because the nearest Sephora is five hours away in the City and partly because $50 eyeshadow is totally not in my budget. These products are what I use on almost a daily basis when I'm running errands, getting groceries, visiting family/friends and that get tossed in my purse without fear of them getting ruined.

Body Shop Concealer 01
I have really pale skin in the winter months. (Spring & Summer I pretty much live outdoors so things are all good, they go downhill quickly come the end of September.) With this pale skin comes super sensitive under eye area, even with weeks of sleep I would still have dark circles. I bought this stuff from the Body Shop during a sale and even though it's doing the trick right now I don't think it will put an end to my quest to fall madly in love with a concealer. 

Garnier BB Cream in Light/Medium (for Oily Skin) 
I've been on a quest to find an amazing BB Cream, I've tried a few out but so far this one is my favourite. I'm not head over heels in love with it, depending on the kind of skin day I'm having and how pale I am it can look super cake and orange. For now it's my go to though.

CoverGirl 2 in 1 Foundation (Creamy Natural) 
I love this foundation! It provides the perfect amount of coverage and I've been loyal to it for a couple of years now.

NYC Sun 'N' Bronze Bronzing Powder
I'm late to the bronzer love fest. I was convinced that with my pale skin any sort of bronzer would make me look orange. I was feeling brave one day though and invested in some and now it's one of my favourite things. Even if I'm not going to put on a "full face" I'll dust on a little bit of this before Skype or other super low key "event" to give me a tiny bit of a pick me up.

Great Lash Mascara Very Black
If I was forced to choose mascara would be my ultimate favourite beauty product. So I have quite the collection but this is the one I always fall back on. And it's so cheap that it hardly feels like a waste of make up when you go through the trouble of putting it all on for no real reason. I keep one of these in my purse for emergencies and in my regular make up back and on my dresser...

Wet & Wild Sweet As Candy Eye Shadow
So simple, but so perfect. There's not much else I say about these colours, I've re-purchased this over and over again, it's truly a staple.

Essence Stays No Matter What Black Eye Pencil.
I left my entire make up bag at a friends house a while back and so I ran out to replace a few things to get me by until I was reunited. I really like this eye pencil it goes on smooth and stays on all day even though I have a horrible habit of touching my eyes/adjusting my glasses every 15 minutes.

Body Shop Natural Lip Roll On 
I always have some sort of lip moisture in my pocket. I like this one because it adds a bit of shine and I can reapply like crazy without making my lips a weird colour or making me feel like I have layers and layers of stuff on. My favourite flavour is coconut although I've also tried to berry (pictured) and orange.

Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss Bright Side of Life
Nikki sent me this in my Pretty Little Beauty Swap exchange and I love it! It's the perfect colour for my skin tone, isn't too thick and doesn't dry out my lips. I am forever indebted to Nikki for sending me this stuff! I wore it Christmas Day to a family gathering and got a lot of compliments!

What are your make up must haves? Don't forget to go to link up your beauty related post!

*I was in no way composted for offering my opinions on these products.


  1. What is it about BB Creams that makes them go orange sometimes with super pale skin? I'm still looking for one that doesn't do that as well. Glad you discovered bronzer, if you hadn't I would have let you know it's a pale girls best friend. haha

  2. Thanks for linking up with me :) Love these products - definitely going to try the body shop concealer!

  3. oooo might have to try that concealer! I'm the same with fair skin and like a concealer that not only helps with under the eyes but covers pink/redness sometimes too!

  4. The great lash mascara is a great, affordable product! I used it when I was first allowed to wear mascara and used it for years! Also, I have heard great things about the NYC bronzer! :)