Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Animals Came By Twosies, Twosies, Twosies...

When I last blogged on Friday I had visions of a Monday post full of Thanksgiving weekend adventures...I spent the night at my grandparents, went for a hike with my mom and grandmother, picked cranberries for cranberry sauce. We had Thanksgiving dinner and I ate lots of was all very blogworthy. 

And then it started to rain.

And it rained some more.

And before too long the quaint little brook that runs behind my house looked like this:

And then it continued to rain.

And rain.

And rain some more. And roads started to look like this (the photo on the left was actually taken yesterday after it had finally stopped raining):

And as much as I love rain the novelty starts to wear off a little when you have a lake in your backyard and your great-aunts freezer is floating in her basement. When it finally stopped raining we got over 250 mm (that's almost 10 inches) in just under 24 hours...and it got windy. And around here when it gets windy we lose our power. Which normally isn't a big deal because we have a generator that powers the essentials (and some creature comforts i.e. television) except that in the midst of all the rain we loaned our generator to my uncle so he could continue to power the pump that was keeping his basement from being transformed into a pool. 

Late Tuesday night it stopped raining and the wind had died down enough that we got our generator back and our power came back for good shortly after supper time last night (Wednesday). So things are starting to get back to normal. We were actually really lucky, the water that came in our basement was a small puddle, there's a lot of people who have entire bottom floors full of water and lost a lot of stuff due to water damage. 

Needless to say all that blogging I was planning to do this week went out the window. On the bright side I finished two books, did some NaNoWriMo planning, and I spent lots of time using my camera. 

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