Friday, 2 August 2013

The sun keeps settin', the days go fast

This past week was our kids session at camp, campers 6-13 with disabilities ranging from mild Autism to the rarest of progressive neurological disorders. It was so full of highs and lows that I'm not even sure how to process the week in general. 

It's that time of the summer when things are starting to wind down, even if there is still a full month left of camp when you factor in breaks there are only two full sessions. September seems a lot closer than it did in May. I'm still figuring out what my post-camp plans are right now there are a few options, but I have mixed feelings about all of them. 

I originally had a lot of stuff I wanted to write about in an attempt to process it all but right now the more appealing option is to climb into bed, get a good nights sleep and go from there. 

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