Thursday, 29 August 2013

You're My Summer Jam

You and Me we're like a simple song
Yeah so damn easy to sing along,
I don't need a guitar or a band,
Cause baby you're my Summer Jam
- Jake Owen, Summer Jam

  I feel a lot of obligation to write a detailed and meaningful reflection about camp now that it's official over...but I have no idea where to start or where to end. I wish those Facebook survey/questionnaires were still a thing, copying/pasting 100 questions to answer about my favourite/least favourite summer moments, songs, food, smells, everything and anything that will forever remind me of this summer. (maybe they are still a thing? I'm out of the loop.)

I had so many great moments this summer. And I am thankful for every millisecond of each moment.

What I miss most about camp in the off season tends to be the nuisances of the summer; plaid shorts & tie-dye t-shirts, soup, 'Heart of Gold',  Bob's guy... It's funny because the things I miss the most are the ones that are guaranteed to be different next summer.  The staff will change, some of us (potentially even myself) will move on to other places and other jobs. There will be new campers and campers who won't return. We won't listen to the same songs or laugh about the same things. 

The hardest part about the transition back into the real world is going from spending literally every minute of everyday and night surrounded by people who you love to going months without seeing them. And although I am confident it won't be too long before I see H. & R. there are others who have the best intentions of keeping in touch but I may never cross paths with again outside of Birthday greetings on Facebook.

The moral of the story is I am so happy with how this summer played out. 
It was the answer to prayers that I didn't expect to be answered in 1000 years.

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