Friday, 9 August 2013

Show Us Your Life - Favourite Apps

Linking Up with Kelly's Korner today to post about my favourite apps!

The most efficient way is to make a list of my Top 5!

1. Twitter by far the app I use the most! I follow a lot of news sites and it's so convenient and quick to scroll through my feed and stay updated with the world. 

2. YouVersion I really like this Bible App! I love that it gives you a verse of the day to read and has so many studies about different topics. Again, with being convenient, not always practical to carry around a Bible but I always have my phone on me and sometimes you just need to take 10-15 to read a verse and get a fresh perspective. 

3. Sleep Cycle Such a cool app! It tracks your REM sleep cycles during the night and the alarm is set for a 30 minute time frame so instead of potentially waking you up from a deep sleep it goes off during a light sleep. Which apparently is a lot healthier for you and makes you less tired during the day. It could just be the placebo affect but I do think it helps!

4. Instagram It took me awhile to get on board with Instagram but now that I have I totally love it! 

5. SkyBurger My favourite game! It's pretty simple but it's a good distraction when I just need something to pass the time for a few minutes! 

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