Monday, 19 August 2013

Sneakin' out late, tappin' on your window

Last week was full of all the best things about camp - quality time with friends, late night conversations, stomach aches from a combination of eating too much junk food and laughing too hard and stargazing with a summer romance. 

During session break I spent one night sitting around a bonfire, listening to country on the radio, making s'mores, discussing life's big questions and drinking wine with three of my favourite people who over the last year have transcended the line between 'camp friends' and 'friends who I met at camp'. 

Yesterday was the start of our last camp session, it's hard to believe the summer is so close to being over. As far as goals go I have really been focusing on staying in the moment, appreciating the little things and even in chaos remembering that come January I will miss even the most stressful parts of camp. 

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