Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My Soundtrack

Alyssa challenged everyone to choose three songs that could be the soundtrack to our lives. I like to follow the rules so I tried REALLY hard to narrow things down to three and eventually was successful. There's lots of great songs that didn't make the cut but I think these three do a good job of creating a well rounded soundtrack. 

Mr. Jones - Counting Crows

This song immediately transports me to playing 4-Square in the main building of the camp where I grew up. It's one of those songs that was embedded into the camp culture by way of the counsellors and then the campers who became counsellors who still played it because it reminded us of camp. 

Left & Leaving - The Weakerthans

I don't remember the first time I heard this song but at some point during jr. high I was introduced to it and it's followed me around ever since. I've always been sentimental and nostalgic and this song is both of those things.

Humble & Kind - Tim McGraw

I knew I needed a country song and originally I thought it would be and older one by Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw or Alabama because those were the soundtracks to my childhood. I kept coming back to this song though, even though it's super recent. It just summarizes everything I was taught growing up and everything I feel strongly about now. 

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