Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Just Call Me Phoebe

There is no denying I have my quirks and while I've been told they are hard to keep track of I embrace it wholeheartedly...really it's less about self-confidence and more about the fact sometimes I don't even notice my quirks until someone points them out (see screenshot of conversation). 

As the above conversation suggestions, sometimes when I need a pick me up I'll watch clog dancing videos on YouTube. Occasionally I'll also watch step dancing and line dancing videos. I just appreciate how organized and in sync they are all dancing in their coordinated outfits. 

Before watching a movie (including one in theatres) I google it extensively and read up on key plot points as well as the ending. This allows me to fast forward through the scary/sad/stressful parts and prepare for the ending. 

I don't like eating foods that touch (casseroles are for the devil IMO) except that pizza is my favourite and dips are the best snack food. 

I don't like having the air conditioning on in the car and I refuse to drive with the windows down. I am a delight to drive with during the summer months. (Don't worry, I will turn the air conditioning on enough to cool down but then it goes back off until it gets too hot again.)

I have terrible spacial awareness (please don't ask me to help you move furniture), but I'm really good at Tetris and Tangram type games.

I flip through catalogs and read magazines from back to front.  

I'm very particular about my socks. If they are ankle socks they need to be all one colour (preferably black) but then a different colour on the heel, toes and around the ankle. And I feel better about life when my socks match my shirt.

I sing to myself all time time. Nine times out of ten it's not a real song, just something I make up as a go along about whatever is happening at that moment. I do my best work at camp when I'm slightly over tired and way over caffeinated.

I hate cold condiments, they need to be room temperature so as not to interfere with the temperature of my food.

I love Flashback/Clip episodes of TV shows. I think it's because I really like testing memory so when I see all the past clips I get to quiz myself about what episode they're from.

I have a really good memory...and find myself constantly embarrassed by how easily it is for me to know things about stuff. For the most part as long as I read it or hear it and actively think about it, it's filed away forever.

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