Thursday, 20 October 2016

Life This Week

This week started going downhill the end of last week when mid-October hit and I hadn't heard anything about getting an interview for a job that I really want. I made it through to the second round of the application process and was fairly confident that my answer to the essay question was solid enough to at least get me through to the interview phase. It feels both overly dramatic and an understatement to say I'm completely heartbroken over the whole thing. 

I'm trying to be logical about the whole thing and remind myself at the end of the day I want them to find the best person, I want to work there because I love the concept of what they do and I want them to have the best people so that they can continue with their mission and vision. And if I'm not that person there's not a whole lot I can do. 

In my attempts to move on from this particular disappointment I've been busy filling out applications for other positions and have really come across some favourite so far has been the one that inquired about my involvement with the occult and any sexual immorality. Although at this point I might seriously consider selling my soul for a year round job (kidding...sort of). 

Factor in my ongoing frustrations trying to get end of contract paperwork from the office job (I spent an hour on the phone today only to be told to call back next week) and it's been a very long week. And it's only Thursday.

The good news is though that I have fun plans for tomorrow with my favourite Rangers (as long as the rain doesn't interfere), a field trip with my Sparks on Sunday and a Saturday to recover from all the Ranger fun on Friday. And since my phone charger has decided to stop working I think I'm going to take myself on a little Thursday field trip to Winners/Michael's. 

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