Thursday, 3 September 2015

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* I have become completely obsessed with puzzles. R. and N. introduced me to them this summer. N. always has one on the go at her cottage that everyone works on over the course of the summer. R. typically has one in her classroom that she gets students to work on when they finish their work early and one at home that she works on herself. I don't have great spatial reasoning so I always assumed that puzzles would be super frustrating for me and not at all enjoyable. Turns out I love the organization part of it all, sorting the pieces into colours and edges and finding pieces that fit together and solving the whole thing gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. Plus, turns out puzzles are great brain exercise! 

* Lately I've been watching more movies than usual. Mostly documentaries about K2 and food but I also watched Wild (not as good as the book), What to Expect When You're Expecting (Alright, but kind of dumb, Shopoholic (started strong but never did finish watching). I've also been catching up with the wider world outside of camp, which leads me to the question, am I supposed to find Amy Schumer funny?? 

* One of my unwritten goals for September is to establish a really good bedtime routine. I'm working on decreasing screen time right before sleep and replacing it with journalling and reading. 

* I ordered 160 photo prints from this summer. Last summer I was scrambling to collect photos from other people to supplement my own. This summer I grabbed a few from H. & R. but for the most part I have more than enough to create a Smash/Scrapbook documenting this summer. It seems like a weird thing to be happy about but it thrills me that I've documented the everyday and made steps towards preserving memories. 

* I don't have much else to write about today. I'm passing on today's Blogtember prompt because I don't want to make a mood board from my blog. I love my current layout, I enjoy writing posts and I'm not looking to attract the masses and gain a billion followers. 

I am linking up here & here for Stuff & Things, I've missed this link up over the summer and am excited to be back at it! 

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