Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Blogtember 2015: Ode to Summer

It seems fitting (and a little bittersweet)  to write about how much I love summer after the last unofficial weekend summer. Today, Bailey Jean asks us to talk about our favourite season and for me, my favourite season has always been summer. 

Bright summer mornings, leisurely summer afternoons and nights spent with friends gathered around a crackling fire. Walking barefoot in the sand and grass. Listening to crickets and birds. 

I spend as much of my summer as I can near water. I love going for evening strolls on trails that meander around the shore line and no afternoon at the beach is complete without a walk in the sand. I love being able to be outside and snapping pictures without worrying my fingers will freeze as I snap away! The perfect summer afternoons are spent near the water with a novel or a notebook, letting myself escape the world or focus on reflecting. 

Summer sunsets deserve an entire post of their own. Most of my summer days are spent at camp, helping to facilitate amazing summer memories (and creating some of my own in the process). While I love my job, sometimes I really need a moment to myself away from all the chaos and noise. Sneaking away for 5-15 minutes to watch the sunset is where I find time in the day to breathe and take a moment to reflect and recharge. 

There's something magical about summer and it will always and forever be my favourite.

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  1. I miss summer already! I couldn't choose a season because they all have things I like, but towards the end of each one, I'm begging for the next season (and then a few weeks later, I'm missing that season again!)