Monday, 7 September 2015

Blogtember 2015 : Grace & Galoshes

This has been my view for the majority of the last couple of days. I'm spending Labour Day Weekend fully appreciating summer and absorbing some Vitamin D. I'll be back Tuesday with a full weekend recap complete with the many reasons why summer is my very favourite season. 

If you're visiting from Blogtember and are wondering why I call my little corner of the internet "Grace & Galoshes" the answer is rather simple! When I decided I wanted to make blogging a serious hobby I sat down with a pen and paper and wrote down dozens of words. Some adjectives that I thought described me, some that I felt a connection to and some that I just thought sounded pretty. I focused on 'rainy days' because I love rain and rainy days are some of the best days for writing. Those seemed too wordy and after a lot of thought the word 'Galoshes' came to me which is a common name for rain boots around here. I knew I needed another word to go with it and I anticipated blogging about my faith, I also like alliteration and so "Grace & Galoshes" was born. I love that the name of my blog incorporates or hints at things I love; rain, outdoors, faith...and that it doesn't limit me to one specific genre. I've never once regretted my choice or considered re-branding and becoming something different. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their extra weekend day!


  1. I've always loved your name. Nice to know the meaning behind it and where it came from! :)

  2. What a fantastic name! I love alliteration as well so it stood out to me when you commented on my blog earlier (thanks, btw!)