Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Blogtember 2015 : Hello!

Today is day one of Blogtember and that means it's time for introductions!

My name is Donna. I'm from a small community on the East Coast of Canada. I grew up surrounded by water, sky and forest. 

I spend my summers (and sometimes parts of the spring/summer/winter) working at camp. I grew up going to church camp and worked there for a few years before becoming a more senior staff member at a camp for people with disabilities. In between camp seasons I tend to work a wide variety of contract jobs, some of them related to recreation, some of them not as much. My dream job is to direct a Christian year round camp and retreat centre somewhere close to my hometown. It's a lofty goal, and I'm okay with working hard and being patient in order to make it happen someday.

The cast of characters you'll hear about most often around here are my friends R., H., and N. as well as my boyfriend J.. The easiest way to describe my blog is "20something lifestyle" which is really just about as vague as you can get. I do blog mostly about daily life and whatever thoughts and ideas are floating around in my head on any particular day. I enjoy participating in link ups to meet other bloggers. I love cooking and being creative so sometimes I share recipes or projects I've been working on. I enjoy photography, reading and being outdoors. I also appreciate a night of Netflix and some snacks. 

I gravitate towards "mommy blogs" because although I would love to work in camping year round I also have a strong desire to be a wife and mom. My daydreams are often filled with co-ordinating my future daughter's outfits and I'm embarrassed to admit how many secret Pinterest boards I have designated to child related things. I also love meeting bloggers that are in more similar seasons in life to my own. 

You can also check out my About Me Page for a less detailed run down of what I'm all about. 


  1. Hi Donna!! It's been a while! :) how are you!! I loved your intro and I'm excited to read what you have to say with these prompts for blog-tember! :)

  2. A night with Netflix and snacks!? You've just described my perfect evening! :)